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  1. Thread revival time. Baluns are easy to use etc etc. But really causes a mess of wires at the back of the DVR. How do you guys neaten it up?
  2. StefanB

    remote control

    I'm assuming you need to change the settings? Most DVRs will allow you to plug in a USB mouse and do so.
  3. StefanB

    PTZ camera.

    Dunno about Sony, but HikVision has, as part of their HD-TVI implementation, incorporated PTZ over coax functionality. Bascially, any HikVision HD DVR will be able to control a HikVision HD PTZ via coax. Way cool, yes?
  4. StefanB

    Ideas for a covert camera?

  5. StefanB

    Car Surveillance Camera

    Sticky one that. There are a number of dash cams that have a secondary camera that records the cabin of the vehicle. Problem being that they are dash cams and are easily removable. So your thief will probably make off with that as well?
  6. StefanB

    Why are 90% of cameras white?

    There is an abundance of camo cameras out there, if that is you thing! https://www.trailcampro.com/collections/trail-camera-reviews
  7. StefanB

    Hacked or Bug?

    Wasn't aware of that. Source/s please?
  8. If the DVR shares a PSU with the cameras, start by checking that. Generally, cameras draw more power at night for their IR illuminators, which causes weird and wonderful things to happen if the PSU isn't up to spec.
  9. PLC? Should work. Might have some losses due to interference, but very dependent on the equipment you use.
  10. StefanB

    I need to surveil my ship! Help!

    Nice 'boat', dude! Can't blame people for wanting to get on? CCTV Systems generally come in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels. Have a look at HIKVision's 720p HD-TVI cameras and DVRs. They are well priced and of good quality. They have both VGA and HDMI outputs, so you should be able to use your current monitors. Daisy chaining cameras are an interesting one. An acquaintance ran a length of multi-strand and 1.5mm ripcord around his house and spliced off (using baluns) wherever he needed cameras, so I guess it can work. But I'd rather suggest you go the normal route and run either RG59 or CAT5.
  11. StefanB

    Need an upgrade. Need some advice.

    You might want to have a look at the newer 720p and 1080p HD Analogue cameras. Brilliant quality for home use and in most cases you can retain your old wiring. Assuming it is still in good condition. I am a HIKVision fanboy, so I'd suggest you start with that. Sorry, can't help with pricing since I'm on a different continent. But definitely cheaper than IP!
  12. StefanB

    DVR footage delete, how to?

    Format the HDD.
  13. StefanB

    PC monitor won't work with DVR

    Logically, since yu have two monitors exhibiting the same symptoms the problem must lie with the DVR. I guess it is possible that the VGA port is pooched. Suggestion? If still nice and new - return to supplier. If not, get hold of a HDMI to VGA adapter and use that.
  14. Going IP will elevate cost - dramatically. I concur about HikVision (yes, I'm a fanboy) Would suggest you go for a HD-TVI solution. Use CAT5 and baluns for wiring, it is easy and effective. Installing a proper power supply/power store will ensure you have coverage even during power outages, which are an issue in my area.
  15. StefanB

    BNC to HDMI or VGA Please help

    Assuming you tried this and it didn't work. Make sure that your DVR's output is at a resolution supported by your screen.
  16. Dunno if it is the same with your model, but have a look at this thread: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=37582
  17. StefanB

    CCTV box was hacked

    You might find this thread interesting: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=52456
  18. StefanB

    Problem! Help Me!

    You are going to need a VGA/HDMI adapter along the line somewhere.
  19. The way I read this, the vulnerability is not a user settable parameter/password? Manufacturer backdoor of some type? Is it still possible to secure your network is a case like this?