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  1. Thanks again for your answers gerdshi My firmware is a non-sip one which should accept the command to get the SID ... I'm from france and "Ich verstehe auch nur Bahnhof" Tchüss
  2. Thanks gerdshi, it works for me too now Strange 'cause i'm sure i've execetuted the same command before ... maybe a syntaxe error Same for me : as User ID works 102 too and 103 and .... 106 .... And what about the SID, did you managed to get it with the following command http://<ip>/cgi-bin/VideoTalkPeer.cgi?action=attachState
  3. Hi everybody, I'm a happy owner of the vto2000a. I found this post very interesting : thanks for the great job ! I try to unlock the door with the command i've found on this post, then with the other one found in the API provided in the link via ftp (ftp://ftp.asm.cz/Dahua/ ....pdf) but both don't work : http://xxx.xxx.x.xxx:yyyy/cgi-bin/accessControl.cgi?action=openDoor http://xxx.xxx.x.xxx:yyyy/cgi-bin/accessControl.cgi?action=openDoor&channel=x&UserId=xxx&Type=Remote Do you have the same issue ? I don't understand what 's the meaning of "channel" and i suppose that UserId is the SID returned by the following command which don't work correctly for me : Which returns no SID but strings like json : [ { "id" : x, "result" : x, "session" : x }, { "id" : x, "params" : { "CallID" : "x" }, "result" : true, "session" : x } ] Thanks for your answer and sorry if i'm out of the main subject And thanks again for the work ! " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />