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  1. Tomcctv, if there is a supported IP ptz controller/ joystick, would I need a seperate switch to go into the controller and then one into the NVR? The joysticks I just looked up only have one Ethernet plug.
  2. Okay, cctvman I will try those settings and hopefully it will work! Tomcctv, if this is the case the RS485 should have no function? My other question would be then is there a IP PTZ controller that would work with this?
  3. Hello all, here is my predicament, I volunteer with a local Emergency Management Office, we set up a Q-See NVR QT848 with still cameras and a PTZ, a Trendnet TV-IP450PI. To my surprise this "IP" PTZ came with RS485 connections. This nVR has RS485 connection as well so that is what we have been using to control the PTZ, however we purchased the GWSDK65 (GW Security) PTZ Controller awhile ago and I can't for the life of me get it to operate the PTZ. It asks for the normal settings baud rate, protocol ect. but I don't have this information (NVR) did not require it we plugged it in and it worked) and Trendnet says the info doesn't exist because it's an IP camera and shouldn't have the RD485 cord anyway (GRR). I am just trying to figure out how to either make this controller work with this the TV-IP450PI or get the proper controller for it (if within reasonable price.) Any and all help is appreciated as I have spent hours with each company's tech support to no avail!