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  1. Hi, I plan on replacing my camera wiring runs when the weather cools. Right now I have some cheap Ebay RG6 siamese wiring run and it's kind of thin stuff. I have a crawl space above the house I access to make my runs and I am getting up in years and not as flexible as I once was so when I pull new wire I want it to be my last. I have no runs longer than 60ft. So in saying that I just would like to get a consensus on what I should run. I have a spool of CAT5E cable already or should I go with Belden 549945 Siamese cable. I thought of running both types of wiring or would this be overkill and a waste of money. Right now I have 3 old cheap analog cameras but plan on replacing them with: Hikvision DS-2CE16C5T-VFIR3 Turbo HD Outdoor IR Bullet Camera 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS HD-TVI Technology 720p HD (1280x720) resolution 2.8-12mm varifocal lens Smart IR LEDs 40m max. IR Distance 0 Lux with IR On Screen Display menu Digital Noise Reduction / Motion Detection / Privacy Masks Up the Coax (UTC) via coaxial cable IP66 rated Weatherproof 12VDC operation Other cameras I was looking at is: Hikvision DS-2CE16F7T-IT5 3 MP WDR EXIR Bullet 1/3" (3 MP) High-Performance CMOS Analog HD Output True Day/Night OSD Menu, DNR, Smart IR True WDR, Up to 120 dB EXIR IR, Up to 262 ft (80 m) RangeIP66 Weatherproof Up-the-Coax (HIKVISION-C) Hikvision DS-2CE16F7T-AIT3Z 3 MP Motorized VF EXIR 1/3" (3 MP) High-Performance CMOS Analog HD Output 2.8 mm to 12 mm Motorized Vari-Focal Lens True Day/Night OSD Menu, DNR, Smart IR True WDR, Up to 120 dB EXIR IR, 131 ft (40 m) Range Up-the-Coax (HIKVISION-C) IP66 Weatherproof, Wide Temperature Range Thanks for the input and advice. Kenny
  2. 66ChevellePost

    Best Free DVR Recording Software

    I've been using this for a couple months. http://www.contaware.com/content/view/44/46/ Kenny
  3. 66ChevellePost

    Inside of House, Cat (Felis catus) cameras

    Dave, Why not use a couple cheap Foscam FI8910W. You can catch them on sale for cheap. This is what I used to monitor my epileptic German Shepherd. Decent enough picture to tell what going on in the house and the IR wasn't bad. Just a cheap solution...I was using 2 cameras with H264 WebCam software and viewing him while I was at work. Kenny
  4. 66ChevellePost

    Best Wi-Fi Camera for Home Use

    How about a Foscam. Yea I know they are cheap, but I just purchased one to keep an eye on my German Sheperd who has seizures and it has been working great. I use it with my 3 analog cameras and use H264 WebCam 3.86 software. The foscam does have ir and a pretty good picture for being cheap. Kenny
  5. I don't think of myself as being ripped off when I bought this card. I knew it may not work, I may not be able to find the software or the drivers and the seller made no promises or anything of the sort it was sold as is and I understood this. I rolled the dice and took a chance(although it didn't work out)and the 15 bucks didn't break me. What upsets me is guys make smart comments when someone is looking for help. I am on a couple forums and there are guys like this on all of them. That's why I hate to post because I don't want to get kicked off any of the forums I am on when I can't control my fingertips at the key board. I tend to buy from Apexcctv(1 camera and Avermedia card) and Coastal Video Security(CNB Camera and lense). I have bought plenty of stuff from ebay, I am an educated buyer and I never spend more than 20 bucks if I am not sure of the product. I am not naive. Anyways enough is enough.
  6. For those that did sincerely reply I thank you for your effort. I just get tired of reading on forums answers that don't contribute to the person trying to find a solution to his/her problem. Kenny
  7. ak357, I thought forums were to help other people and for people to get together that have the same interest?? Brother if you aint got nothin' to add to help then just don't respond to any of my questions. I hate smart asses and their answers.. Kenny
  8. Does anybody recognize this card manufacturer? If so who is it? Thanks, Kenny
  9. I downloaded a program call EVEREST PERSONAL which identifies this card as having the PHILIPS TM1300 TRIMEDIA MEDIA PROCESSOR chips on it. DOes anyone know anything about this chipset as far as drivers, etc? Thanks, Kenny
  10. Hi All, I purchased a used CCTV Card from E-Bay, I didn't pay alot for it. It's a DS-4004H H.264/MPEG4-AVC Encoder the auction stated it was a Kane Computing Card. Other info on the board was HZ-P4H4-00 and one of the chips had HiNT HB1-SE33P, PCI-PCI Bridge, CC 0243TC stamped on it. I found a Data Sheet on the net @ http://www.sourcesecurity.com/docs/fullspec/DS-4004H.pdf and it says "The DS-4004H board from DSP Research, INC........." I have also read references that it is a HIKVISION board. I would like to find the drivers, Manual and any software for it. Thanks For any Help, Kenny
  11. Hi all, I recently purchased the AverMedia NV3000 card. I like the many features of the software, but my problem is when accessing my cameras remotely. I can't download the Active-X controls at work. I like DICO for it's ability to remote connect without any Active-X but just using JAVA which my computer at work already. The one thing I don't like is that it has a limit of 4 cameras and a resolution of 320x240. So my question is there anything out there like DICO that uses JAVA instead of Active-X. Thanks, Kenny
  12. 66ChevellePost

    CNB Box Camera

    Hi, I have had my eye on the CNB BBM-24F. I was looking at different housings and came across the ones with IR led's in them. My question is would this type of housing enhance or hinder the night capabilities of this camera. I live in the country and do have a dusk/dawn motion detecting light in the front of my resident, but when it's off it's only moonlite bright out. Thanks for all replies, Kenny
  13. 66ChevellePost

    Camera Recommendations

    Hi All, I need some suggestions on cameras. I need two analog cameras. Cameras will be mounted approx 10' to 12' high. They will be outside and I do need something for night/low light. Specs for the the 1st one. Target is Approx 65' away, object is approx 10'x10'. Specs for the 2nd camera. Target is 35'-40' away, object is approx 15'x25'. I had one suggestion to go with a box camera with a verifocal lense. Thanks, Kenny
  14. 66ChevellePost

    Sony CCD

    To make me at ease will I be safe buying from any of the CCTVFORUM Partners listed? Thanks, Kenny
  15. 66ChevellePost

    Sony CCD

    Thanks Rory, When I spoke of Sony, Sharp, Etc I am speaking of the board w/the lense am I correct? Then if there are only so many manufacturers of these and thay are made in Asia what other items should I be looking at as far as quality in a camera. Thanks, Kenny