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  1. Jerezelectronics

    Best BNC connectors ?

    I like Klein bnc connectors, i have the tool to compress. WHen i dont have Klein.. I use the BNC home depot has, they are also compression .
  2. Success We were able to find a solution to splitting a TVI signal.. THe reason was to make THREE fisheye 360 Degree 1080p 2.4MP security cameras to be displayed on 3 seperate TV's and still record on the dvr. Here is what we did. AFTER 3 weeks of trying. 1. We used a BNC T splitter, and 3 TVI DVR's 2. THe TVI DV'rs were $110 each 3. WE fed each dvr a TVI Line using a BNC T splitter. We decided to post this solution, because there is no were online that talks about splitting a TVI signal!!! HOpe this helps, reply if it does. Send us some LOVE Jerez Electronics NOte : TVI converters to HDMI/VGA are to expensive and not reliable.
  3. I have a FISHEYE 1080p 2.4MP, Splitting Signal Problem Works sometime, when i split the signal to a TV using a TVI converter to HDMI ; things works but then stops working. Glitchy singal then i get no singal rainbox colors lines. I bought a TVI to HDMI/VGA/CVSBS converter and i conected it from the Camera to the INPUT of the converter, HDMI to TV and get glitches and rainbox lines. What i have not done is change the mode on the camera, maybe that will fix it. Here is the video with a click u can jump the video to the glitch and the issue with the rainbow color lines
  4. 1. I was able to install a TVI DVR with FISHEYE 1080p 2.4MP 2. All 4 Fish eye cameras with RG59 cable, and RG-59 BNC Compression Plugs from home depot 3. Bought a TVI to CVSBS/VGA/HDMI outputs for the LED tv Problem Now i get video glitching in the TV's , (not the DVR) and Random colors no signal image . THen it comes back to the FISH eYE on the TV perfect for about 5min then returns to glitching. Pretty annoying. Maybe: What i have not done is CVSBS to the TV using BNC and a RCA output to the TV. Id love some help! Here is a the video i put on youtube, u will see a Glitching.
  5. HD- TVI Converter to HDMI | VGA | CVBS | Problem | November 2016 ; Here is the video of the issue at hand, the glitch that is. Problem im having in Splitting VIDEO SIGNAL. I have installed the DVR bellow, with 4 fish eye cameras. They are 1080p 2.4MP cameras. Also included int he details are three TVI to HDMI/VGA/CVBS to Three LED 40 inch TV's. SO far the converter has worked, but the image is Glitching and I get the eight colors of no input signal, and it will come back. Details. I have connected everything, but I am getting interupted signal loss eveno tho i have the converter box that plugs into the wall. (1) AR304-8 8 Channel Tribrid TVI DVR. http://bit.ly/2fvsRsQ (4) CW-CVI360XP 2.4MP 4 in 1 360 Degree Fisheye Camera's. http://ebay.to/2fvk4Y8 (3) TVI to CVBS AV/HDMI/VGA to display on three Tv's. http://ebay.to/2fIY9xb (4) RG59 Siamese cable. ( BNC connectors for RG59 cable. http://thd.co/2fOIPPS (1) Power Box 12V 10amp ( i believe). ( will update soon ) Conclusion I was under the impression that with the converters i can split the signal and with the amplifier not have any issues. THe only thing I have not done is try the CVBS to the TV using a BNC/RCA to the VIdeo Input of the TV. - Jerez Electronics 334 Common St, Lawrence Ma signal splitter converter, cctv TVI, TVI 1080p, DVR, Security System, Dome cameras, Converter problems
  6. Jerezelectronics

    Hi From Lawrence Massachusetts,

    Hey, My name is Joshua Jerez, I have a small computer shop/security camera installation. On my spare time, i play rugby for Mystic river in Malden Massachusetts. I have installed, AHD and TVI cameras. having a real big issue, in Splitting TVI singals to 3 tv's in 3 seperate cameras. I install security cameras in small busineses and in homes. Feel free to contact me, if any questions about me or anything i do.
  7. Jerezelectronics

    Upgrading an analog system to TVI

    1. If you use HDMI to AV converter you can sent the video to all the 4 TV, quality is still decent. (better than analog) Another option will be using HDMI cat5e transmit/receive but you will need to run new cabling. (best quality)