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    Eneo CCTV System - What Do I Do?

    If you're planning on using the VGA port then it's not problem running two monitors but they will both display the same information.

    Camera and NVR Guidance

    Hi, I'm currently working on a security camera installation for a company I used to work for (I'm like their handyman for side work) and I need a little guidance on selecting materials to install. A few years ago I installed a generic Q-See or Night-Owl DVR camera system for them (their purchase choice) which currently has around 6 cameras (and they are terrible!). They are looking to upgrade now as crime around them has increased and they have had some recent issues with items being vandalized. They also need more cameras to fully monitor they building. There is no budget but I don't need the top of the line materials as this is a small business. I estimated them $1000 for major materials (which I now realize is on the low side). I'm looking for a 16 channel NVR system. I have read through the camera brands thread on here and browsed some of the prices I could find on the internet. I found this forum by trying to do my research on which brands are quality. Here are a few decision I have came to and I would like some general feedback on my selection. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AXIS seems high end and I don't think they're willing to spend that much on the materials. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have decided on a ACTi ENR-130 w/o HDD which supports all the stuff needed. I will also purchase a 16 channel PoE switch with this. 8 channels will be used at first with the upgrades for later ones. I will also purchase a standard 2TB HDD unless it is recommended I purchase the NVR with an HDD. What makes these HDD so special that they increase the price so much? Are they high bit rate since the recording bandwidth of this unit is 48Mb.s? Cameras will be decided on one the NVR is purchased and the location of the cameras being installed on the building is decided. I assume I don't have to use ACTi cameras. Will be using 1080p resolution cameras. I know once this is said and down they're looking more towards the $2000 range with 8 cameras for materials but these seem more on the quality side rather than what is mentioned below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now if they're not will to spend this amount who has experience with general NVR kits? I saw some Lorex and Zmodo kits for around $1000 16 channels / 8 cameras. I was leaning towards a Lorex kit of it comes to this. I know they're made by HIKVision and generally support is poor. There are SO MANY JUNK BRANDS in this area. I'm really unsure of which to choose if it comes to this. I've installed Night-Owl and Q-See for them in two separate locations (Home/Business) and both of them IMO are TRASH. Basically I'm looking for some general guidance on if the ACTi ENR-130 is the direction I should be headed for a mid-grade quality unit or if there are any other suggestions around the same price range. How reliable is the company NUUO?