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  1. Answer from Dahua 1. DH_DVR21xx_SpnEng_NP_V3.200.0001.28.R.20170803 , this program supports two system languages ( Spanish and English), two video standards (P and N) . 2. DH_DVR21xx_Eng_P_V3.200.0001.28.R.20170803, this program supports one system languages ( English), one video standards ( P) .
  2. Hello, For my Dahua DVR5104H-V2 (ver 3.200.0001.24 build 2014-11-14) i was found these firmware. What is the difference between ? DH_DVR21xx_Eng_P_V3.200.0001.28.R.20170803 -13.72MB- Applicable models DHI-DVR2104C-B,DHI-DVR2104C-H,DHI-DVR2104C-V2,DHI-DVR2104C-W,DHI-DVR2104H-H,DHI-DVR2104H-V2,DHI-DVR2104H,DHI-DVR2104HC-H,DHI-DVR2104HC,DHI-DVR2104HE-H,DHI-DVR2104HE-V2,DHI-DVR2108C-B,DHI-DVR2108C-V2,DHI-DVR2108C-W,DHI-DVR2108H-V2,DHI-DVR2108H,DHI-DVR2108HC,DHI-DVR2108HE-V2,DHI-DVR2204A-V2,DHI-DVR2208A-V2,DHI-DVR5104C-V2,DHI-DVR5104H-V2,DHI-DVR5104HE-V2,DVR2104C-B,DVR2104C-H,DVR2104C-V2,DVR2104C-W,DVR2104H-H,DVR2104H-V2,DVR2104HC-H,DVR2104HE-H,DVR2104HE-V2,DVR2104HE,DVR2104HS,DVR2108C-B,DVR2108C-V2,DVR2108C-W,DVR2108H-V2,DVR2108HC,DVR2108HE-V2,DVR2108HE,DVR2108HS,DVR2204A-V2,DVR2208A-V2,DVR5104C-V2,DVR5104H-V2,DVR5104HE-V2 DH_DVR21xx_SpnEng_NP_V3.200.0001.28.R.20170803 - 13.53MB - Applicable models: DHI-DVR2104C-B,DHI-DVR2104C-H,DHI-DVR2104C-V2,DHI-DVR2104C-W,DHI-DVR2104H-H,DHI-DVR2104H-V2,DHI-DVR2104H,DHI-DVR2104HC-H,DHI-DVR2104HC,DHI-DVR2104HE-H,DHI-DVR2104HE-V2,DHI-DVR2108C-B,DHI-DVR2108C-V2,DHI-DVR2108C-W,DHI-DVR2108H-V2,DHI-DVR2108H,DHI-DVR2108HC,DHI-DVR2108HE-V2,DHI-DVR2204A-V2,DHI-DVR2208A-V2,DHI-DVR5104C-V2,DHI-DVR5104H-V2,DHI-DVR5104HE-V2,DVR2104C-B,DVR2104C-H,DVR2104C-V2,DVR2104C-W,DVR2104H-H,DVR2104H-V2,DVR2104HC-H,DVR2104HE-H,DVR2104HE-V2,DVR2104HE,DVR2104HS,DVR2108C-B,DVR2108C-V2,DVR2108C-W,DVR2108H-V2,DVR2108HC,DVR2108HE-V2,DVR2108HE,DVR2108HS,DVR2204A-V2,DVR2208A-V2,DVR5104C-V2,DVR5104H-V2,DVR5104HE-V2
  3. Every dvr has a VGA (dvi) port where you can directly (~10 meters) connect monitor. Also you can find vga (dvi) extender over cat5 to extend the range. or you can use your LAN to access dvr
  4. Hi, How can I monitoring old DVR (Tyam tm-8208, MB model dvr-8216) from android phone? For windows there is application DvrMaster v1.72 and v1.83 and CMSViewer and works fine. Portscan find these open ports: PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 23/tcp open telnet 24/tcp open priv-mail? 80/tcp open http Boa HTTPd 0.94.13 113/tcp open http Boa HTTPd 0.94.13 158/udp open|filtered pcmail-srv 1214/udp open|filtered fasttrack 1719/udp open|filtered h323gatestat 4008/udp open|filtered netcheque 16711/udp open|filtered unknown 16947/udp open|filtered unknown 19222/udp open|filtered unknown 21556/udp open|filtered unknown 29078/udp open|filtered unknown 32769/udp open|filtered filenet-rpc 34580/udp open|filtered unknown 58002/udp open|filtered unknown MAC Address: 00:05:B0:xx:xx:xx (Korea Computer Technology) On DVR only port 113 is user changeable. port 23 is for telnet, and i have not user/password for telnet telnet login page stand-alone DVR application copyright (c) 2008. SYSTEC - A +------------------------------------- Model : 0x51, SD2008M Company : 0x07, unknown Version : 4.0.7 Build Date : Sep 5 2008 Build Time : 15:11:34 VideoType : PAL DEBUG MODE : OFF +------------------------------------- login: ports 80 and 113 is web serrver and starts activex install/open DvrMaster v1.7.2 software. port 24 is mistery (DVRmaster application works with firewall closed port 24) I tried some android app (asee, meye) but with no success.
  5. I found https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.camdvr.aDvrMaster The aDvrMaster is an application for managing your DVR and Video Server. You can see the screen of DVR monitor at your android display and easily set your home DVR from your android phone. - Supports up to 16 camera stream - Supports Terminal mode. - Realtime frame rate (up to 30fps) support. - Three quality levels for available bandwidth. - Pantilt control (up, down, left, right, zoom, focus) with very similar menus, but it didnt work too
  6. Does anyone know telnet user/pass combination for this dvr8216/8208 (same as zaheertaj post) ? telnet banner> +------------------------------------------------------+ stand-alone DVR application copyright © 2008. SYSTEC - All rights reserved. +------------------------------------------------------+ Model : 0x51, SD2008M Company : 0x07, unknown Version : 3.9.4 Build Date : Aug 7 2008 Build Time : 16:59:34 VideoType : PAL MAC Address : 00:05:B0:10:F1:2E DEBUG MODE : OFF +------------------------------------------------------+ login:
  7. Hi, Found very similar dvr http://products.balter.de/images/downloads/articles/5204baddc6f0824345567e9778df1505.pdf They use same software (DvrMaster 2.38, CMS ..) http://www.balter.com.ua/category/videoregistratory-serii-br.html but firmware didn't compatibile.