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  1. nmpnmp

    Qvis Eye-e36-v2g - accessing camera OSD.

    Qvis have a build factory in China they have had it a view years. The good thing about qvis is there p2p is uk based on there own servers. One thing for the viper is it will not go out of date quick. And will work with your existing cameras and the latest 4K Maxxone I can't work out who makes it .... But says its U.K. Based. Looking at its remote app was enough to see it has problems and does not work with the Apple updates Thank you for that, much appreciated. I'll investigate the Qvis Viper in the new year. Many Thanks If I may, which of their 4k camera's would you recommend to go with the viper? I have 8 cameras, 4 at roof level for a wider view of each side of the house / garden, then four camera's at ground level covering entrances. I'd like to be able to read number plates and capture faces, but in particular night vision is important as the street lighting is poor where I live, even though I have outdoor lights. Would you recommend additional IR lights for the outdoors? Hope this isn't asking too much. Thanks
  2. nmpnmp

    Qvis Eye-e36-v2g - accessing camera OSD.

    Thank you both, will take a closer look at those brands. It looks to me like the QVis is a UK brand (probably made in China, but software etc developed in the U.K.), is that correct? Not heard of Maxxone, but assuming it’s a Chinese product? Thanks
  3. nmpnmp

    Qvis Eye-e36-v2g - accessing camera OSD.

    Just a quick bump, welcome any suggestions for alternatives to a Hikvision setup. Many thanks
  4. nmpnmp

    Qvis Eye-e36-v2g - accessing camera OSD.

    Wow! Thanks for the advice, had not heard of that before, assumed that Hikvision were a responsible company, but I guess you never really know. What brands would you recommend instead? I was originally considering sticking with the Qvis range but their recorder seemed less advanced than the Hikvision one but I am comparing a 7 year old one with a much more recent Hikvision one, so perhaps not a fair comparison, but the Hikvision DVR certainly has a LOT of smart features beyond what my older Qvis one did. Are the new Qvis versions on par in terms of features? Open to recommendations or suggestions on alternative dependable brands. Also, I'm based in North West London.
  5. nmpnmp

    Qvis Eye-e36-v2g - accessing camera OSD.

    Thanks for the quick reply. I am planning on upgrading all 8 cameras and the DVR in the new year, as you suggested, probably with 5MP TVI cameras. Very impressed with the Hikvision DVR so far so will probably go with those, but am going away over the holidays so don’t have time to get them changed until after we get back. Off course it would be great to have some cameras working whilst we’re away to keep an eye on things, hence the temporary setup. What exactly is the UTC tool, and how does it work? A couple of the main cameras are quite blurry and I wanted to see if I could increase sharpness or saturation/contrast to try and dial in a slightly clearer picture. Would any of that be possible? Oh, and also, I am using a 27” wide screen as well as iPad / iPhone. The picture is just a little out of focus. Many thanks
  6. I have a number of these dome cameras installed a good few years ago. My Qvis DVR recently failed and I am currently temporarily using a Hikvision one borrowed from a friend. I'm looking into a new system, probably in the new year, but in the meanwhile am having some problems with poor picture on these camera's with the new DVR (DS-7204HUHI-K1). I wanted to access the OSD for the cameras to see if I can tune the picture a little more, but cannot seem to figure out how to do this. My friend who lent me the Hikvision DVR has suggested using the PTZ preset 95, but this doesn't seem to work on these camera's. Is that a problem with the Camera or the DVR? This spec sheet I found online suggests that there is an OSD menu on these devices, and I have checked and confirmed there is no dongle or switch on the leads from the camera. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0269/6079/files/EYE-E36-V2G.pdf Suggestions please? Thanks
  7. Hi, I've had my CCTV DVR compromised by malware called Mirai. Apparently it attacks DVR/ CCTV devices with default credentials. Anyway, along the way, the attackers reset the passwords on the device. Seems they deleted users 888888 and 666666 as well as another account I was using. Admin password has also been changed. So its disconnected and sitting on my desk and I need to reset the admin password, and thereafter reapply the latest firmware. Can anyone help with a master password for this device? I have reset it to 01/01/2001. Please help! Thanks