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  1. Yes I know that. But I am talking about not the camera itself, but about the screen panel VTH1560B. I have older firmware (General_VTH1510_Eng_P_SIP_V1.100.00.0.R.20151120.bin) and it is in English. but for some reason when You receive a call the panel screen freezes for some time and I can not pick the call or unlock the door. On the VTO200A I am using General_VTO2000A_Eng_P_16M_SIP_V1.200.1000.0.R.20160505.bin I have found a newer firmware in the link I mentioned before (ftp://ftp.asm.cz/Dahua/videovratni/VTH15xx/firmware/SIP_20161017-CZ.ZIP) it is working and panel does not freeze but that firmware is in Czech only So few days ago following this instruction: I have extracted the Czech firmware and replaced language files and then I packed firmware again and updated panel... Wualia - now I have English language and it is working. I think it is possible to use same method and change language or voice files on VTO2000A to. SIP protocol works just fine with Asterisk phone system. Just there are few annoying things. First, when call is requested on VTO there is no call signal like in normal phone so the user just hears women voice "Calling now, please wait" and then silence... it would be great to hear some ring signal. On the inside panel screen there should be possible to press Unlock button and the call should be answered, door unlocked and call canceled. Now if I unlock the door and cancel call without answering then other extensions are still ringing. This should be implemented by the person or team who is programming the GUI, but there is no contacts or support for that...
  2. Hello. Nice work done! I will try to translate and change voice records later also.. But now have problem finding right SIP firmware for my VTH1560 console. I have found one that works quite well but it is in Czech language only it is here ( ftp://ftp.asm.cz/Dahua/videovratni/VTH15xx/firmware/SIP_20161017-CZ.ZIP ) May be some body have and can share English version? I have tried older version (General_VTH1510_Eng_P_SIP_V1.100.00.0.R.20151120) but it freezes on call: when I press "call" it rings and shows video and buttons to answer the call but when I touch the buttons nothing happens... The Czech version works perfect, but I do not understand it