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  1. aquamon

    Generic DVR password reset

    Looks like your "monitor" is out of range. Use HDMI cable/TV to access or try a different (higher resolution) monitor.
  2. aquamon

    NVR loose IP Address

    Dump the software you are trying to use, use the NVR/DVR's internal software for setup. View through web browser. Your software is apparently fake/nvr unit clone [9104]. NVR home surveillance systems are generally wireless, tend to be easy to set up, can be accessed through a web browser.... Well, I may be wrong on the "internal software" part... Maybe too far from server if wireless? Enter router (none stated & probably why the xxxx.1=conflict) and see what "DHCP" is assigned. May also try ipconfig in Windoze.
  3. Maybe you have the wrong forum as a search indicates nothing...
  4. I believe you have answered yourself... CDMA is not that great with latency, I would also reduce FPS.
  5. aquamon

    Mini nvr questions

    Glad you got it working! I do see the pictures, now - I guess I thought the post had ended at the extra large Ad and didn't scroll past it. Could you post the numbers on "the chip"? Really got my curiosity going, now!
  6. http://www.hikvision.com/us/faq_93.html Q: How to configure the HDMI and VGA to output independent display? A: This option is only available for the 90xx-ST, 96xxNI-ST/RT and 7716NI-SP/16 series with firmware v3.0.2+. Log into the DVR/NVR locally, Go to MENU, select SYSTEM CONFIGURATION and then select GENERAL (on left side). Under MORE SETTINGS tab, make sure the option “Enable VGA/HDMI Synchronous Output” is unchecked. Maybe that helps?
  7. Visit the HIKVISION website... SADP Tool, I believe. Sorry, was confusion with: http://www.hkvstar.com/product-news/forget-the-dvr-password-how-to-generate-a-new-one-with-software.html
  8. I believe the ISP in India changed his Internet Addie. I believe the ISP in the USA blocked his "No-IP"... "Let's make the Internet GREAT, again!" You may try taking control of the "host" computer in India via "Microsoft Remote Desktop Access" to figure it out. You should be able to see your cameras' this way, also (just as if you were there). This way is much better and "safer" than using any "No-IP", IMO (even though it's Windoze). Also, I don't think two people may be connected at the same time through "No-IP"? I'm not sure on this last part.
  9. Glad you got it working! I do see the pictures, now - I guess I thought the post had ended at the extra large Ad and didn't scroll past it. Could you post the numbers on "the chip"? Really got my curiosity going, now!
  10. I rest my case. " title="Applause" />
  11. Could you post the link with the picture of the chip? I didn't see it. USB Hard Drives are very unreliable on Windoze. Are they formatted to NTFS?
  12. https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=dynamic+dns+malware&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 [1] https://blog.opendns.com/2013/04/15/on-the-trail-of-malicious-dynamic-dns-domains [2] I don't use Windoze, usually [3] I don't like installing unnecessary useless software - I never got it to work [4] Static I.P. method is quicker/fastest streaming, cutting out longer & unnecessary/unreliable internet routes; most likely, on the other side of the Globe - streaming completely around the World ~ 25,000 Miles [5] My opened ports are only known (basically) to me!!! [6] "Host" computer must be ON and communicating with Domain, constantly [7] Is IRRESPONSIBLE internet usage as an Internet User after the knowledge gained, Here-In [8] Have Fun!!! Now, tell me any advantages of using "your method" as a member of this forum other than: "ease of use for BASIC Windoze User": your customers. Does the DNS site ITSELF do any type of video compression, or anything to aid in the faster streaming or anything "advantageous/beneficial" to the stream or "user" as in Reduction of BandWidth??? Yes, I am a new DVR "User" and may not know many things; so, enlighten me... Sheesh; after this, you should be making more $$$ as your customers read this:- asking YOU to switch them over! BTW, step 5 in last link (above) should read: For this example, the address would be...
  13. I would love to help "the Church" but am afraid of being asked for "charity". You talk of Audio, Loudspeakers?, and Amplifiers. I would proceed with extreme caution. A recent search shows mp4 format recording. History. Personally, I would just add speakers to the other room straight from the amplifier for Live Audio; you already figured out the rest...
  14. It's part of the "Island Culture"; just accept it, maybe planting some other "Herb", instead...
  15. Reformat Hard Drive? Your CPU apparently doesn't like what is going on and so your OSD is turning off (freezing: software/memory bad). A simple remove/reinsert on mouse should indicate if the "mouse was lost". In that case, you need to install a feline to catch it. If that is the case, I would recommend installing a Margay; not only will it go after your "mouses", but also rats, scorpions, bats, roaches, etc... Worst case, your CPU is already fried. Plug hard drive directly to Windoze® and see if it is recognized. Have you tried with Hard Drive disconnected???