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  1. #kasif Nobody who has posted recently about blocked passwords has had a reply back from anyone who has helped out before. Were did you Hikvision box come from????
  2. I ended up going round a few houses but found this number for tech support at Hikvision. Because I could prove I purchased my kit from a reputable supplier and installation crew they helped me reset the password within 5 minutes. You need your PC/Laptop connected to Your email You have downloaded sadp from the Hikvision.com/support section onto your PC. router that your CCTV is connected to when you call them. Excellent service 01790 600300
  3. jwintermedia

    HIK IVMS-4200 and IVMS-4500 setup problems

    Mickpigg I also have same problem
  4. I don't know the password used at set up. I have one user name and password written down in my training notes that doesn't work 3-5 days after installation we released that the IP of our router is dynamic. Installation company set us up an DDNS and put it live against the system. Through team viewer they logged into my PC and iPhone (I live 80 miles away from router an CCTV set up) updated this new DDNS info and away we went very happily from March 2016 DDNS stopped working and I've lost visual - new DDNS has been created but cant link it to DVR because of missing passwords All I have is that I'm still logged into my iVMS 4200 client as admin super user and can't make any changes to implement the new ddns. Installation company used ceased trading. How do I know if I have a 'grey labelled' box. Or is the 'GT...' at the beginning of the device code the obvious give away?' What do I do then????? I am a housewife with basic IT knowledge- this CCTV is a covert camera set up for my father who is very elderly and living on his own.
  5. How long before Hikvision respond to the email. I sent the downloaded file this morning and not heard anything yet.
  6. Visit the HIKVISION website... SADP Tool, I believe. Sorry, was confusion with: http://www.hkvstar.com/product-news/forget-the-dvr-password-how-to-generate-a-new-one-with-software.html
  7. I need a reset too!!! My CCTV company has gone bust taking his DDNS.net domain with it!!! Got new domain but no passwords!!!!!!!!!!! AAArrrrggghh! Device Serial Number GT708TVI0820160114AAWR568369340WCVU start time 2016-12-08 13:22:22