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  1. DONE, USE LAN not WLAN, and delete CASH. Still not working with my Fritzbox. I only wont to get the RING Button on my Fritzphones, but SIP will not work.
  2. Hello, Im still working to get the SIP Version on my VTO. Flash is fine now , but when I want to do the configuration, it seems that all information are empty, no Local Information, no Devicetyp. When i Flash back all Information are avaiable. I only have an VTO2000A (should) running with a Fritzbox. Any idears?
  3. I tryed very long to get on my VTO2000A the SIP Firmware. When i Flashed it, them web interface will start, but no configuration will be possible. Only flashing back ti V3.1 without SIP will work. Any Ideas, I just what to use VTO2000A only with my Fritzbox, but I cannot configure it as shown below by Allodo . I donnot have in A& C Manager "Open Door Command" and Villa Call Comand. Where can i get the Firmware? Thanks al lot