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  1. I tried what Rory said and it seems to maintain proper colors for most of the day. I will try to switch the cameras to different ports and see what happens. Thanks.
  2. I added a BW camera to my GV250 card with version 7 software and now the color cameras are displaying psychedelic colors. If I remove the BW camera everything is fine. Any input would be appreciated.
  3. coalvey

    Provideo New DVR

    Thanks for the great info. I just got a CVC-637EX because of the low light, color and low cost. I was going to hook it up tomorrow on a GeoVision 7 home setup. What do think of the CVC-1700 as a low cost bullet for low light?
  4. coalvey

    Provideo New DVR

    Any more info on the CVC-637EX issue?
  5. Does the router allow port forwarding?
  6. coalvey

    GE Interlogix - ExpressCam

    Any opinions?
  7. Any opionions on this camera for use in a home self-installation. Also where would be a good place to purchase them as an end user. http://www.geindustrial.com/cwc/products?pnlid=9&famid=63&catid=1083&id=ExpressCam&lang=en_US Thanks in advance.
  8. coalvey

    EchoVue 805

    Any opinions on using this DVR for home surveillance? Are there any periodic updates to the software? I like the Geovision product, but this product looks like more bang for the buck. (about $1300.00 US) http://www.sorainc.com/echovue/index.html http://www.guslink.com/security/dvr800081303.asp http://www.smarthome.com/77304.html Thanks in advance.