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  1. Hi Everyone! I've really only known about the CCTV industry since 07. I'm really interested in hearing from the veterans that have been in the game since the beginning. Do you have any images or pictures of the very first cctv cameras you've used?
  2. I have been reading a lot about different methods of CCTV and how one is better than the other. I've used Axis quite a bit and analog most of the time, but I feel there is something better, less complicated and future proof. what is the future: Coax, IP, WIFI, Wireless, Fiber, or ??? ----------- Where do you think these companies will be?? (below) Axis, Bosch, Pelco, American Dynamics etc and then the middle: Speco, Everfocus, Bolide, CNB, etc and then: Unix, LTS/Lasertech, etc.
  3. emholic

    Camera Placement Questions

    @soundy: have there been any issues with people spray painting them or trying to rip them off? Also what type of screws do you use to mount the domes? How much weight do you think it could take. @SS360: not a bad option, I think it may be an eyesore... I guess there's not much I can do... PS: I hate doing home installs!!
  4. Hello Everyone: I'm looking at a home to install, where the only option to mount the cameras would be the Eve's of the roof line. The Problem is that they are low, maybe 8 feet from the ground. Aside from using an armored dome, have you found any other alternatives to mounting cameras at such a low level?
  5. emholic

    Problem with DVRUSA DVR

    try it, what do you have to lose?
  6. I suggest stacking 2 of these DVR's http://bolideco.com/productinfo.aspx?ProductID=SVR6032 they have a matrix out function with E-map Capabilities
  7. emholic

    What else will I need for this setup?

    99.9% of camera issues are the power. meaning to little or to much. figure out how long your cables runs are then determine the power you will need. i like Altronix for power, US made. I suggest pre-made Siamese cables, for your runs. its much cleaner than baluns.
  8. emholic

    IE8 doesn't show DVR pictures

    you may need to install missing drivers into your computer. it may be a service pack or something of that nature.
  9. I think its strange that the company selling these cameras operates out of a UPS Store? i just googled their address in Pasadena California.
  10. Today I heard that a network of, lets say, 20 Mega Pixel IP Cameras can be set to automatically download the on-board SD Card of each camera to an FTP site. Is this true? Thanks
  11. emholic

    identify this PTZ camera

    not sure, what company?
  12. emholic

    Hidden Cameras

    great ideas! I'm glad to see some creative concepts here on the forum. The screw is probly my favorite.
  13. emholic

    CNB mona lisa review (sort of)

    KT&C is dope. the owner walks up to our booth, because he's known the boss for about 16 years, walks up to the boss and hugs him and says "this is my boyfriend", and they both laugh. it's funny to see how people with money REALLY act! GAY!! It's comedy The owner is like a Korean movie star. I look forward every year to chat with him. he walks up like he owns the tradeshow, stunner shades, big cuff links, suit with shirt popped open, gold chain. Kinda like a porn movie with class? lol I'm going to take a picture with him this year.
  14. emholic

    Unix DVR limited recording

    i think reformatting the DVR will wipe your HHD Clean