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  1. Finally I got the VTO2000a working with Raspberry as SIP-server (asterisk) and Linphone as SIP-Client on an android smart phone. With some helpfull input from this forum. Thanks to all spending time on searching for solutions and sharing them with others. One thing I couldn´t figure out so far: The video stream on smartphone (SIP-client) is not visible before answering the call. I would like to see who is at the door before I pick the call. Does SIP support video preview at all ? If not I would like to try another approach. Found this command which should allow to stream video signal from VTO: rtsp://admin:admin@ Doesn`t work with any browser. Using VLC-Media-Player shows the video but with terrible delay of about 4 seconds. Since the video stream in the ConfigTool runs with acceptable delay I guess there is a way to stream the video signal properly. Just don´t know how. Any ideas or advice ?
  2. @Allodo Good to know. Obviously people took up your advice And yes I tried to set port 3800 but it was only settable in VTO and not in ConfigTool. It looks as if ConfigTool 4.00.0 doesn't support that anymore. After searching and using ConfigTool 3.20.0 it works fine. And as several times stated: make sure to clear cache of your browser to avoid incomplete configuration view in VTO. Thanks and cheers
  3. Hi everybody, I very much appreciate the knowledge you allready shared regarding SIP on VTO2000a. I got my one today and tried to load the SIP-Firmware: General_VTO2000A_Eng_P_16M_SIP_V1.200.1000.0.R.20160505.bin Currently there is this firmware installed: General_Multi3_VTO2000A_EngRusItlFreGetDutSpaPor_P_16M_V3.100.0000.0.R.20160622.bin When starting upgrade with ConfigTool progress counts up to 50% and then I get the status "Upgrade succeed" and the message "Device upgrading is complete." ConfigTool has version 4.00.0 Unfortunately the new firmware is not loaded. Stil the old one is there. Here I found a workaround for "older" firmware not installable: http://www.cctvstoreuk.com/blogs/cctv-faqs/132564995-solved-dahua-vto2000a-no-sip-or-only-with-vth150ch-vth1550ch But the VTO2000a does not keep any other port than 37777 after reboot. So I'm stucked. I have gone through all posts but couldn't find additional comments or help for this problem. In case I missed it - I apoligize for that. Anyone who can help or point to the right direction ? Many thanks.