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  1. I brought from a legit cctv dealer. i did contact him regarding the same and he patched me up with the Hikvision customer support. They called me up and asked me to upgrade the DVR firmware to check if that fixed the problem. But that didn't help either. So now they have asked me to return the camera to the dealer who will in turn will send it to Hikvision support to check if it can be fixed or needs to be replaced.
  2. Yes, It's kind of really odd for me as well. I purchased them both at the same place and they are identical models. Only their serial numbers are different. I have tried contacting Hikvision support. They have asked me to update my DVR software and check. Although I firmly believe that isn't the problem, I will try giving it a shot.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I'm not sure if it is TVI or CVI camera, but I do see the "TVI/CVBS" text visible in all the 4 channels of the video feed. I'm connecting my cameras to the DVR using BNC connector. The camera box reads that it is a Hikvision "HD1080P Indoor IR Turret Camera". The camera has a 2MP CMOS Image Sensor and the resolution it supports is 1930 × 1088. Video frame rate supported is 1080p@25fps/1080p@30fps. I tried switching between PAL/NTSC mode but the same problem occurs in both these settings. Any other suggestions?
  4. Hi, I recently purchased two analog Hikvision Turbo HD cameras (Model DS-2CE56D0T-IRP) along with the Hikvision Turbo HD DS-7200 DVR. On connecting the cameras to the DVR, one camera is working fine outputting the video feed. However the other camera provide video feed for about 10 or 15 seconds before throwing up a 'Language Mismatch' error and the video feed goes blank. I have tried googling and browsing many forums but all of them have only provided suggestion for IP cameras and not the regular analog cameras. Any help is much appreciated.