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  1. Hi all, I am trying to setup remote viewing for this DVR unit. The owner thought it was a Zmodo unit, however it has no sticker with model numbers ect, no brand printed on it, and after contacting Zmodo they said it is not theirs, but maybe a rip off that others have sold as Zmodo's. I think the problem I am having is I do not know the mobile port. I have setup a Zmodo unit before and it had in the settings a mobile port, this one has no mention in the settings, I have tried the port it does have listed, along with the common Zmodo ports for mobile viewing but no luck. Any advice would be appreciated, but I am wondering if anyone knows the unit? (So i can find a manual ideally), Or may be able to advise likely ports for the remote viewing (or mobile port as it may be known) Pics attached, Thanks in advance.