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  1. Hello I am new to site and new to cctv in general. I have a bosch 600 divar with 13 analog cameras and a bosch ip7000 with 5 ip cameras on a site but are connected to network and can be viewed using bosch operator client. The issue I am having is I changed the time on the ip7000 by thirty minutes so that the 600 divar and the ip7000 had the same time. I changed the time using configuration wizard on ip7000 when I did I noticed my playback for my bosch 600 divar is now lagging in time. I can see the cameras live but play back is off by 2 hours. Customer said she could see them within minutes usually. if I get on to the 600 divar directly playback works correct. Anybody else dealt with this before? I did not install this, the tech who did is no longer available to work on it.