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  1. Any specific diagram I should follow for the crimping?
  2. So Lorex is recommending that if I need 120 feet that I buy a 120 ft. cat5e cable rather than using two 60 ft cables connected together. Does this have ANY Merit? As it's digital I don't see how/why it would make a difference, i trust the community members more than a manufacturer... is what they're saying legit or BS?
  3. Yeah, I've got it setup to the internet, but I haven't actually fully installed it yet. I'm able to view feeds live on my cell phone which works well enough and the video quality of the cameras are good. Enclosure is full metal with a rubber padding on the mounting side. Lots of things to configure such as video recording settings (resolution, fps, motion alerts) etc. But when I bought it, I also got a 4 port extension router -- but they never shipped together so I canceled the second part and then they shipped it weeks after I canceled it and still fighting for refund. Customer service is the worst I've seen. I'm going to call my credit card company to dispute the charge. I've done more than enough to get them to fix it. Can you explain the purpose of the extension router? Is this so that you can simply plug cameras into the router (by the cameras) and NOT HAVE TO RUN WIRES ALL AROUND THE HOUSE? That sounds cool if so... As far as quality goes, do you find the video quality to be very crisp (when viewed on iphone or computer)? Does the night vision work well (could you share a sample)? RR
  4. I just bought this exact same system!!! I'd originally purchased a Flir Lorex $399 kit from Costco (8 cameras) but found that the quality was poo poo. Are the cameras in the 4mp setup metal? They appear to be but I've not received my kit yet. Have you set this up/been running it for a while now? any feedback? I'm setting this up for my home and like that the NVR can support 4k cameras if I ever wanted to upgrade, and the 4mp cameras should be great for the time being. Do you know if you can get full control of the NVR over internet/web app vs. having to connect a monitor to the NVR and configure? Thanks, RR
  5. Hi all, Anyone have any thoughts on the below system for a first time setup, sub $1000? https://www.lorextechnology.com/hd-ip-security-camera-system/8-channel-security-camera-system-with-6-hd-surveillance-cameras/LN10804-86W-1-p?gclid=Cj0KEQiA5bvEBRCM6vypnc7QgMkBEiQAUZftQH4PAXB_qGp7uCmBc_GLJ1HdSgKbOwL7V257PcPZ2-waAopJ8P8HAQ#device I had purchased the Lorex FLIR 1080p DVR setup from Costco but found the quality to be lacking... Appreciate the feedback!
  6. Hi there, I recently purchased this system: https://www.lorextechnology.com/hd-ip-security-camera-system/8-channel-security-camera-system-with-6-hd-surveillance-cameras/LN10804-86W-1-p?gclid=Cj0KEQiA5bvEBRCM6vypnc7QgMkBEiQAUZftQH4PAXB_qGp7uCmBc_GLJ1HdSgKbOwL7V257PcPZ2-waAopJ8P8HAQ#device They had a special with 15% off so out the door it cost $896. I was hoping to get some feedback regarding anyone with experience with the FLIR Lorex products. I originally had purchased a Flir Lorex kit from costco (the 1080p version) but found it was garbage. The cameras were plastic, quality was not good. This new kit I bought appears to have good quality hardware (cameras appear to be metal). For around $900 would there be a better option than what I got, I'm still within return window. The kit I got comes with 6 4mp cameras, a 4k NVR w/ 2TB HDD etc, specs at link above thanks in advance, RR
  7. Hi there, I recently purchased a FLIR Lorex NR9082 4k NVR and wanted to run custom length cat5e cabling to my cameras. Has anyone done this and had any specific issues/recommendations? I want to avoid using a combo of 100' and X ' cabling as that will create excess cables sitting around. I appreciate your help ahead of time. Thank you, Robert