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  1. Is there such a thing as an all in one file player. All DVR's have their own file player. It's kinda hard to find all the different players. I now have a .dvr file and i cannot find the player for it.
  2. texasdyme

    are these cables recommended?

    Please tell me what a "overcurrent device" is or look like thanks
  3. I'm trying to port forward a Netopia router/modem and in the port forward section it asks for the following: port range from and to ( I got that) Internal IP (is this the IP address of the DVR) Port (what port goes there) Also, if I do an IP config, does the ip address that shows there, is that the ip that goes in the dvr? Thanks
  4. texasdyme

    are these cables recommended?

    found them on ebay under power splitter
  5. wow...no one can help?
  6. I came accross these cables and I have never seen them before. Are they recommended?
  7. I need to install 8 cameras outdoor with networkable dvr for this customer's house and I would like a decent system but not too expensive where i can make a small profit. This is what i've been offered so far from cctv factory, but not sure if it's good enough or not. DVR6128TN-USB-CDRW (no hard drive for 500.00) Sony UC9590 color waterproof infrared (70.00 each) any suggestion on a better product would be appreciated. thanks
  8. texasdyme

    I need a good one stop shop

    i'm in south florida
  9. I noticed on this board that no too many people are giving away the places where they purchase equipment which is fine because most here are installer/resellers, but I need to install good equipment for my current and future customers as I'm just starting my business and actually have a couple of customers and some coming. I'm looking for good equipment from importers/wholesalers and not resellers as that will cut into my profit. You don't have to answer on the board if you don't want to. Please send me a PM if you can. I've been reading this board and saw that the few places that I've bought equipment from are not recommended because their stuff are junk. I'm new to this and didn't know any better. Places like cctvfactory, scx, scdlink, ezwatch, cctvoutlet are on my list to buy, but they don't seem to be recommended for professional jobs. any help would be appreciated.
  10. thanks for the advice. those are great feedbacks
  11. i just found out that you can also split an existing fiber line without compromising performance or existing network
  12. I've also switch from lynksys to netgear. I use them for computer systems and failure rate seem to be less.
  13. texasdyme

    Surveillance Van

    is this for real?
  14. Just got offered an installation job for a small store. I have no idea what to charge. The owner just bought 16 cameras with DVR and wants it install. He already has 8 cameras in the store and 2 outside. He's not happy with existing setup and wants to either add to the existing or replace all of them. How much should I charge for a job like that. Do I charge per hour, per cameras or just one price. your help will be appreciated.
  15. Would the customer need a dedicated ip for him to view his cameras that are installed at his home from somewhere else. He has DSL and an IP. Will I use that IP in his DVR or he would need a separate one. help and confused.