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  1. Hi guys, I've just bought a power supply with UPS, model: "PD-240-18-UPS" which runs on batteries when main power runs out. That device is supposed to draw 12v DC output on all terminals to supply power to cameras and whatever is behind, but it draws 12,90v DC. That over voltage is more than a -/+5% and I am worried that this might cause issues to the DVR and some cameras that are being powered with it. The onboard voltage regulator is already set to the minimum. I have added a resistor in one of the outputs to reduce the voltage to 12,40v, but if so the DVR won't start (I'am guessing that the resistor is consuming so much amperage that the DVR can't even start). Extra info: -The DVR consumes 2A and each camera 1A or less. -If I use a diode to reduce 1V, it will introduce undesired voltage fluctuations which may be even worse. -I've connected up to three voltage output in parallel (to increase amps.) with the resistor and the DVR won't power up. If i remove the resistor, it powers up with just one voltage output. -When main power is out and runs on batteries, 12v are supplied to all output terminals. -I've connected the DVR directly to the power supply, so it is very close. Cameras are not that far (15 mts wt. UTP) -I use analog D1 cams Any thoughts ? Thanks for your help,
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