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  1. Can I send you a case of your choice of beer, within reason?
  2. Here is what the board looks like. There are two red lights on near the upper right corner. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipm0wfd331i2ove/2017-03-22%2016.26.23.jpg?dl=0
  3. It was set to 9. I tried a few others around 9 as well.
  4. I'm not sure. I tried a few different sites. I don't know how to determine or set the site ID of the switch. The manual doesn't seem to say. It shows me how to set the keyboard to the site id, but it assumes I know what it is.
  5. The manual I found: http://www.cctvcentersl.es/upload/Manuales/MP-LT_manual_eng.pdf indicated default settings for both modes. I tried both to no avail. When I plug the keyboard in, I get beeps from both the keyboard and the MP LT.
  6. The keyboard is in RS485 mode at 19200 per the power cycle method. I thought that's what the Mega Switch LT would be in that mode as well.
  7. I'm a general IT guy that's handy in a few areas. One of my clients has a bunch of cameras that go through an American Dynamics MegaSwitch LT and then onto some DVRs. They have a CC300 keyboard to control the output on three monitors. They called me in because the monitors were all dead. The DVRs still saw the cameras fine. I found a blown fuse in the Mega Switch and replaced it. The monitors have video now, but while the MegaSwitch powers up the keyboard, it seems to be ignoring any commands I issue. It never displays a menu. Would anyone be able to lend some advice as to what to look for or try next?