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  1. Just to let everyone know i have now sorted this problem. thanks
  2. Well same thing happened this evening so am left scratching my head. Any ideas anyone?
  3. I have now put in a 2 amp psu as i think the cheap Chinese one may be under powering the camera as several people have said its the power supply i will update my findings tomorrow. thanks
  4. I have swapped power supply just incase with a dedicated 12v 1amp psu and that had no effect. I assume 12v is enough 1amp should be as max consumption is 4w.
  5. Hi all i have a strange problem with this newly installed camera all was fine i thought but as soon as night fell and iR is activated video scrambled for a few seconds the no video until morning when ir deactivated, so i thought it was the camera and i swapped it over for a new one and had the same fault it is currently attached to a Hikvision DS-7208HGHI-SH any help would be appreciated.