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  1. Hi, Recently purchased a Swann NVR16-7400 along with a Swann 817PTZ and they work successfully with the PTZ 817 being automatically found when added. Now I am trying to add some Hikvision IP cameras to the NVR and not having much success. I have seen this asked on a number of forums, and the responses given seem to be, yes that will work no problem you just have to manually add them, or no that can't be done as Swann have locked out any manual addition of non-Swann cameras - I am trying to find the right answer and so far am unable to get a definitive answer. Has anyone successfully added a Hikvision, (or any non Swann camera) to this model of NVR. From my googling I have discovered that the swann 7200 range and previous versions were Hikvision rebranded NVRs and it did work, but 7300 and 7400 models are different in some way. Some shops are selling them with the vague description you can add any camera using the ONVIF standard, but as of yet I havent seen an option for that in the swann NVR. I have tried manually altering IP addresses and ports on the camera using hikvisions software, then plugging into nvr but it never sees the camera, I have tried manually adding the IP address of the camera but it still doesn't see it. Not sure if this helps but I have attached a photo of the menu (cant attach as it keeps telling me its too large) which shows my PTZ817 in camera 1 slot and that IP address/port is what was auto detected, and then my manually added camera 2 with my own selected IP/Port which doesn't work. Thanks in advance for any answers