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  1. I have a problem with my existing CCTV DVR. The unit has been installed for a few years now, it is a Swann SWDVR 91425H (H-264) 8 channels, with 4 x Swann SWPRO – 535 cameras. I bought 2 additional cameras Swann Pro-735, I installed one of them temporary about 6/7 weeks ago and everything worked fine. I decided to install both cameras on a permanent basis. Before I installed them I done a system restore to clear HDD and factory settings with all cameras disconnected as the date and time kept changing on the DVR, so I went onto Swann and that is what they suggested, wired the 2 additional cameras up, set them using Swann view app on my phone to position them, connected the other cameras and everything worked OK. Went through system to re-name the cameras and set the areas for motion detection, that’s when the DVR crashed, it kept rebooting and showing the 6 cameras, but I could not get into the main menu either with the remote control or mouse/usb. I searched Swann web and they said to disconnect all cameras, disconnect the hard drive totally and then power back up, as there might be a problem with bad sector on the HD and if the system boots up OK then replace HD if it does not then the motherboard/PCB needs replacing, done this and it was the same outcome. Keeps booting up and will not let me into the main menu. I have tried to search the net for a replacement PCB or DVR (might be just as cheap) to no avail. Can anyone tell me where I can get: a replacement PCB (PCB No. TCMB03 V110) another compatible DVR for my cameras/wiring or another SWDR 91425H (searched again to no avail, only used second hand on e-bay which I prefer not to buy) Thanks in advance.