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  1. Interesting, do I just use two pins for audio, two for gate control, and two for video? Or is there a splitter I use that does this for me? Also, do you have any recommendations for a DVR that would do the job? ie. CVI, audio & gate. Thanks
  2. Initially, I was thinking armoured as the cable would likely be exposed. Perhaps it's unnecessary. Thanks for the info. I'd never heard of CVI before, and I also found TVI in my research. However, from what I've read, neither can go higher than 2mp. Was 3mp a typo? You mention Cat5 from the house to the gate (200m+), but from what I've read, CVI image quality over Cat5 starts to degrade at as little as 25m out, with shadowing effects and loss of contrast. Is this not as big a problem as it sounds? Finally, I didn't realise that some DVRs have relays for operating gates and such. That's interesting to know, but wouldn't I also need an additional cable from house to gate in order to do this?
  3. Hmm, looks like armoured cable is pretty expensive; I guess cable that is rated for external use would do the trick. I wonder if fibre would be a good option.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Currently, the gate only gets power from the main building. It's an isolated system that is operated using RF remotes; no controls from within the building or anything like that. My thoughts were to operate the gate using some sort of ethernet relay. I could connect this and an IP camera to the office network using armoured Cat6a, then run a long length of it all the way up to the house to provide an internet connection as well as CCTV and gate operation. The house could be on a subnet that is separated from the office network with a firewall that only lets the CCTV and gate relay through, as well as internet traffic. The main building is large, so the external cable length can be reduced to around 135m between switches. Still beyond the 100m limit, but a lot better. I've never run cable at these sort of lengths before, so I'm hoping that the packet loss is not prohibitive and that we just get reduced bandwidth. We certainly wouldn't need anywhere near 1Gbps. Anyway, I suggested the plan to my boss and he seems keener to have the gate operation and camera feed going directly to the house. Are we looking at PoE and an extender in the middle? Any recommendations for an ethernet gate opener?
  5. Hi, We are moving to premises that have an electric gate operated by remote fobs. My boss will be living in a house on-site and would like to be able to see and grant access to visitors remotely from there. The house is quite a distance at 250m away from the gate, with nothing but fields behind (it's a very rural area). In terms of network connectivity, the office is about 20m away from the gate and will likely have the only wired internet connection for the whole premises, although 4g is available with some providers in the area. What should we be looking at to enable this sort of control? Thanks