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  1. I have an issue with The PCNVR (offsite pc based recorder) feature on Smart pss. I have 2 dvrs (dvr1) lan .108 and (dvr2) lan.109 using the same external ip on 2 different ports 37777 and 37775. They view properly in smart pss. When I Set up channel management in PCNVR in to record , example I want to record camera 1 from dvr 1 and camera 1 from dvr 2. They will be titled properly in camera management but they both show the same video for camera 1, dvr 1 only , not stream 1 from dvr1 and stream 1 from dvr 2 as it should be. Any 2 dvrs with the same external ip will do this. Any suggestion other than using a second external ip for dvr 2? Has anyone else run onto this? Thank you. MB
  2. markebenson

    Bad BNC Connectors

    I have be getting the recommended https://www.adiglobaldistribution.us/Product/0E-BNCCRI75C from ADI but they don't seem to be very stable. I have several call backs and one install where a dvr is sitting on a safe all the cams glitch when the safe door is slammed shut. Doesn't seem right to me. Please give advice on BNC connectors and thank you.
  3. markebenson

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    Thank you for your input. I know the passwords would make no difference. Its certainly a bug put on the net to mess with dvrs. Out of curiosity I have changed the port number. I will update the results in a month or two.
  4. markebenson

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    I am in Florida. We use a router with a built in firewall. Both the Wan and lan have a static ip. Ony port 37777 is open and for inbound only. Outbound traffic is blocked. The dvr could only be using port 37777 or perhaps doing something over port 80 In which case port 80 can be taken off the menu in the dvr settings as well. I find no evidence of traffic with China in our router log. What i did find the last time this machine was hacked a few days ago is a login from an unknown IP which traces back to Poland. Would not changing or adding firewall rules to this port prevent reoccurance?
  5. markebenson

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    Please explain why our equipment would communicate to a China sever. We do not use ddns service. We use our own static ip. I do all networking, we own our routers. No third party. The 30 units are at different locations. Thx
  6. markebenson

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    Here is what info I am looking for and let me add that I have 30 of the exact model unit and only experiencing the problem at 1 location so far. 1: Will changing the default port from 37777 to a non standard port prevent this particular hack? 2: Disabling telnet - it is my understanding that this particular hack is done through the telnet feature although I do not know how do disable it. Thx
  7. markebenson

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    I realize i can replace the dvr or all 30 dvrs of the same model that I we have. Was looking for a more technical answer from someone that is familiar with this hack. Thx
  8. markebenson

    DAHUA DVR Hacked help

    I have a dahua dvr gets hacked about every three weeks. Have changed passwords. The camera names change from hacked one, hacked two uprgade frimware 3. etc. system version 3.200.0001.2 web build date 2014-5-16 no help from dahua any advice? Thx
  9. I am seeing that Dahua has several night vision type cameras in the starlight series. Any preference with the white light vs infrared version?
  10. markebenson

    Need Dahua Firmware

    I have Dahua DHI-HCVR5104H-S2 dvrs that came with firmware for pal only. Anyone know where I could get firmware that is NTSC? The specs list the dvr as NTSC or PAL compatable. Thanks!