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  1. jhe

    IVMS 4500 problem

    thank you for your help, much appreciated thanks to your advice I am back up and running as normal
  2. jhe

    IVMS 4500 problem

    thanks tomcctv if it is the 5260 I have tried that without any success
  3. any help/advice would be much appreciated. had Hikvision DVR recorder and cameras installed earlier last year. we have always viewed cameras on an IVMS 4500 mobile app. its worked well until a few days ago the app stopped working on both iphones and Android. Rang Hikvision they suggested because all stopped working suddenly it may be a Virgin Media problem and to check with them the port is open- rang virgin and did that, but still not working contacted TP-Link they advised rebooting and configuring the wifi extender.- did that still wont work. tried deleting and reinstalling IVMS 4500 -still no joy Ipad doesnt have a problem though and works fine, only thing I can think is my phone register mode is HiDDNS- ipad is IP/Domain. even tried IP/Domain on phone still no joy If this has been asked previous apologies
  4. jhe

    Mouse problem

    Thanks for the reply. The original mouse did work then suddenly stopped. I have tried turning the recorder off and back on but not sure how to reboot it, tried using the remote and that is not responding. Only one USB port on the dvr
  5. looking for advice please. the mouse connected to my Hikvision DVR has suddenly stopped working. had the full system installed around 8 month ago but seem to have one problem after another! Bought a new mouse today but that doesn't work either. The mouse has power to it but no arrow appears on the monitor
  6. jhe

    Hi to everyone

    Hi to all. I have had CCTV installed in my home, have had various problems since the beginning . Hoping for some advice