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  1. pash

    CCCTV advice Please

    HI thanks for that i've got a Dahua system now
  2. Thank you for your replies, Dont suppose a brighter wall light next to my door would solve the face issue?
  3. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/Trek39/r3_zpsdjd1qt3h.jpg http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/Trek39/set%20up_zpsp5u5nb3o.jpg http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/Trek39/r1_zpsdd5dmux6.jpg
  4. HI what’s wrong with this, my son looked at the camera and his face is all one white blob and the car reg is just a white rectangle The installer has said it is because the infrared is so powerful and that is causing the faces to be white and unable to read car registrations at night. Dahua say it is because the IR is turned off but i cannot find the option on my web browser to turn IR on. The camera is just above the front door and about a metre or so away from my sons face and about 5 metres from the car reg. It is quite dark as there are no street lights What can i do to fix this issue? This is the camera https://www.mayflex.com/product/DH-IPC-HDW4431EMP-ASE%202.8MM/4mp-epoe-wdr-fixed-eyeball-ntwrk-cam-2-8mm-ip67-ir The Camera did not get purchased of the above company it is only for reference purpose's Thanks
  5. pash

    CCCTV advice Please

    Hi can you suggest or recommend any please? my son has said about Wi fi cameras also. But i am clueless. Thanks
  6. pash

    CCCTV advice Please

    HI this has been suggested is it any good and will i see faces at night? http://www.cctvkits.co.uk/hiwatch-by-hikvision-1-4-camera-4mp-ip-cctv-camera-kit-builder.html thanks
  7. pash

    CCCTV advice Please

    Hi is there anything works out of the box that doesn't need a PC to work it? something simple to set up as i dont have a clue. Thanks
  8. Hi i am looking for a cctv set up and was looking at the aldi one but someone has mentioned IP cameras are the way forward. A 2 or 3 camera set up is what i am aiming for but one camera will do for now and add later when funds allow night vision and motion detection would be great but i can put lights up Probably £300 max spend with all 3 cameras I dont know what i need so please can you include links and keep it simple. My house is a terrace. Thanks