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  1. And lastly the picture of the overlay you posted is not the overlay i have
  2. Further more in your first post you could have been more clear and not post pictures that have nothing to do with what the issue is.
  3. Why would anyone review five years of form history when a simple Google search will suffice. Every question I have asked and is taken multiple post to answer. In the past I was only the installer I cannot tell you how these devices were configured specifically. Thank you for your time from now on I'll go to an actual professional and I will cancel my account on CCTV forum.
  4. I have installed this same device on non pc based systems and it works fine. Back to the original issue of a usb to db9 adapter, would that work? You posted a picture of it thats why i ask
  5. Ok. I have a geovision GV-data capture V3E. The main issue is how i connect to my DVR as it does not have a serial port DB9 in. Will a usb to DB9 adapter work for the connection to the DVR?
  6. Looked around at new overlays, have some older ones i could use. But this is my issue, have a Sam4S Model ER5240M, the DVR is a FunLux 960H standalone. The FunLux does not have a serial port, only USB and RJ45. Most of the overlays that I see only have a serial port out to the DVR. I know from my experience in th field that there are some adapters, but not sure if there is one for my case. Please any information is a huge help. I can add the info about the overlays I have if that helps.
  7. Hello all, Ive been doing IT and AV for a few years now and have dabbled a bit in CCTV, anyway had a customer junking a bunch of old equipment. I got myself some DVRs and cameras out of it, and a bunch of computers that I've been working on. I wanted to see if I could get one of them to work for my home. So here is what i know about the device, no identifiable marking on it except the model/serial sticker, it boots up just fine, I can see the camera image. Boot splash screen says H.264 DVR. Its an 8 Channel with a Samsung disk drive, not sure of the model. Mouse functionality works, I do not have a remote. When I double left click i get the Login window, it says User Name: admin Password: (blank). I attempted to google for passwords but have not had luck. Please help. Thanks.