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  1. I just got off the phone with my Panasonic Rep and he was telling me that there cameras are UL listed. Then he told me a story that the was an install with non UL listed cameras that had to be removed (because of the inspector) and they replaced them with Panasonic equipment. So I went and looked at my cameras setting on my work bench and none of them have a UL listing. Feedback?
  2. Digital Watchdog OEMs NxWitness in the US and now Hawha is also OEMing NxWitness. You can't purchase NxWitness directly from them you need to purchase though the OEMs.
  3. Doesn't matter if you change your admin password. http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2017/Sep/23
  4. Have a look at Nxwitness though you will have to order the Digital Watchdog OEM version.
  5. thewireguys

    Litebeam m5 vs Powerbeam m5 vs Nanostation m5

    Is this a PTP link or will you have multiple hops? Have you scanned to see what frequencies are currently in use? For longer links antenna selection is key.
  6. thewireguys

    View only mode for exacq client

    Have to setup user access to restrict access only to viewing?
  7. thewireguys

    Avigilon NVR/Camera Issue

    You're running an old version of ACC5. Update that to the latest This will also update the firmware on your cameras to the latest version then report back if the issue is still there.
  8. thewireguys

    Avigilon NVR/Camera Issue

    What does support say about this issue?
  9. http://www.euresys.com/product/picolo-net-hd8r/ That looks like SDI as I did not see TVI on that list.
  10. I highly doubt you would get anything more than an RTSP stream per channel out of other of those units but nice find anyway. I have tested the Hikvision 8 Channel TVI Encoder and I was able to get motion to work but there were studdering issues with the video.
  11. The live video from CVI cameras is a uncompressed real-time video. The recorded video is compressed so you will never see the recorded image as good as the live.
  12. Now will they drop the cost because it is hard to justify their pricing when connecting to a 3rd party VMS
  13. This is a very simple math calculation. You do not have enough pixels on target to ID licenses plates because the pixels are spread out over a 180 FOV. Wrong camera for the job.
  14. Sorry I have to disagree. Covering areas where you don't want any blind spots which with schools, hospitals, arenas, restaurants and warehouses this is very important and we have seen a lot of traction with them. You get a complete view of the whole area without having to jump from camera to camera so you can track and objects better. Casinos call them chase cameras for a reason.
  15. It's a fisheye camera and you expect to get license plates? When used in the right application fisheye cameras are fantastic solutions. This is a classic case of using the wrong tool for the job.
  16. thewireguys

    Mobotix vs Avigilon

    Yes check out Avigilon's ES cameras which have onboard SSD Storage and analytics that work very well. lUW88Puw_iE
  17. thewireguys


    Genetec now fully supports Mobotix as of 5.6
  18. thewireguys

    Outdoor rated switches

    We do this all the time with Comnet, Planet and other DIN-rail mount switches. NEMA box+ DIN-Rail switch+DIN-Rail power supply.
  19. thewireguys

    Looking for AHD encoders...or..

    For which VMS do you need the encoder to work with?
  20. thewireguys

    Motion Detection and Avigilon

    Not to mention Avigilon cameras have far superior motion detection then Univew and you are going to miss out on cool searching features if your not using Avigilon cameras. I would record you look at Avigilon's SL line of cameras.
  21. thewireguys

    TVI Compatible Encoders

  22. thewireguys

    TVI Compatible Encoders

    Hikivision has them 8/16 channel options.
  23. No need to a role a truck if they are installed correctly the first time. We had a couple of issues about a year ago then we adjusted how we install them and haven't had an issue since. Also, you can turn the IR on from the client software and if you let your cameras get acclimated to the temp which they will be installed you will not have any moisture issues. If it's really cold where you install the cameras then use POE+.
  24. Are you installing H3A cameras or H4? Are you using POE or POE+? If it is really cold you will want to use POE+ if you want the heater and IR to work at the same time. POE AF can only run IR OR heater. To remove the condensation is easy: Switch the camera to B/W mode and remove the service plug in the camera so the moisture can escape. Once clear replace the silica pack and put the service plug back on.