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    Newbie : Hello all

  2. Redcarrots

    Hello All

    Hi Welcome " title="Applause" />
  3. contact Swann for technical support.
  4. Yes, one is not standing for all.
  5. Redcarrots

    Hikvision - Axis pair up

    Axis cameras might not be compatible with Hikvision NVRs. better ask your seller.
  6. Redcarrots

    H.264 DVR

    Reset factory default or call the buyer.
  7. Redcarrots

    New Home - Camera System

    you know how to install, then you have a large selection for cameras and nvrs. you can compare them before you purchase to get the best offer.
  8. Not all china manufacturers and products are bad. A lot of security camera companies are crowded in ShenZhen, among them a lot are dying as of fierce competition. But there are still some companies growing because they provide quality products. The quality, warranty and service are all critical. It is better to do a survey before you purchase as there are so many selections for you.
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    Welcome " title="Applause" />
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    Hi all

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    newbie here

    Welcom " title="Applause" />
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    Hi CCTV Forum!

    Hi Brad, I am Jen from a security camera manufacturer in China, hopefully make friends and learn new things here.
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    Well hello, I didn't see you there.

    Welcome the form, let us learn together
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