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  1. Hello everyone, I recently got 15 Samsung SDC-7340BCN cameras. A family member used these cameras at a workshop for about 5 years. While testing the cameras I saw that some of them have a bunch of "dead pixels" or black dots covering the image. It looks like TV static except the black dots don't move. After testing all of them, 11 out of the 15 cameras had this issue, with some worse than others. I uploaded two pictures showing this issue - in one picture the camera is facing a white wall, in the other its facing a desk. As you can see, the dead spots render the cameras completely useless. I tested the DVR, BNC cable, and power supply with a known good camera they all work just fine. Has anybody seen this before? It looks to me like the image sensors are going out on these cameras but it could be something else. What I don't understand is why so many of these cameras failed in the exact same way - 11 out of 15! What are your thoughts? Is it fixable? (I doubt it but its worth a shot)
  2. ElectronicsGuy

    Looking for box security camera.

    I need a decent security camera in a box form factor. A quick eBay search for "security camera" didn't turn up any, and when I narrowed down my results to just "Box/Body" type cameras I still couldn't find what I was looking for. I know there are box form factor cameras out there, but I guess they aren't easy to find. My only requirements are that the camera uses BNC connectors for video and that it has a 960H resolution. Any suggestions are appreciated.