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  1. Any Luck on this I am having the same problem. I do a test from the camera ftp and it says it has write but not read access.
  2. I have been searching the forums for quite some time and I took to heart your comment to a home guy who bought from Ali after you warned him not to. Your quote was some people never listen or learn. I looked at them too from a youtube vid that said there are 4 stores that are good and one of them I looked at actually had pretty fantastic reviews. I figure what is an extra 300 or so when I am spending 2k plus and am putting about 2k of other security stuff at my house and have the system go tits up when i really need it. I have used my footage 2 times before onces for a mass murder investigation and it proved when and where the killer did it and second for a felony theft. I only had an analog qsee system at the time. thinking of this isnt qsee rebranded duhua? i guess i was concerned over nothing from getting this over the hikvision. Will these duhua work at both 850 and 940?
  3. Can you Record to the SD card in the Hikvision and also have an NVR Record? That way if there was a connection issue to the NVR you would have a back up on the SD.
  4. I see they have that feature from the high end cameras IVS Capable PTZ -Model will end with an, "I" Example: SD6AE230F-HNI Will it work as decribed? If there is a lot of motion on multiple zones does it default to any particular zone, i.e. first motion caught and tracked? "I am thinking about this PTZ:" Edit: I purchased the following: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1264312-REG/dahua_technology_dh_sd50a230tn_hni_pro_series_2mp_full.html I would add one IR flood and that would be in front of my house with reg motion lights and IR from my other dome cameras in the font as well. I also purchased 3 of the following: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=productlist.jsp&A=details&Q=&sku=1264240&is=REG&fromDisList=y They were the Pro version but also they were discontinued but for under 100 and they meet my specs and go with the duhua PTZ. I will be purchasing this NVR: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1264353-REG/dahua_technology_dhi_nvr52a16_16p_4ks2_16_channel_nvr_2sata.html and putting in a WD Purple 6TB. I will add some of the 4MP Pro domes next when I purchase the NVR. I also am looking for some Cat6 to install. I am in the process of a remodel so I don't move in until the end of the month so I have a few weeks to order my horses for my cart.
  5. Can you recommend a setup from Duhua that I should look up. I have see good things on here and youtube about the starlight from duhua. Say i have 3 zones(L to R) across the front of my house and someone walks in from the left and Zone 1 catches a motion and triggers the PTZ will go to zone 1 and if they move acroaa to Zone 2 and 3 the PTZ will follow? I have seen this tracking on high end ptz awhile ago but they were so expensive but maybe this isnt as elaborate as zoom and track a human i saw or is it? Can you recommend a Duhua PTZ offers acceptable tracking like you suggested that offers decent low light. Also any recommendations for IR illuminators that work with duhua. I havent looked into them WRT duhua but i know some of the Amazon ones around $100 at 850nm work ok for 850nm cameras however they put off a slight glow(doesnt really matter either way). I know different sensors work better or worse for some illuminators since they dont put out a narrow bandwidth at this price level. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Any feedback or should I post to a different sub-forum?
  7. Any update for this, great list but a little dated for some material.
  8. I really appreciate your time reading this post and any feedback you have. I am looking to see if I am on the right track with my thoughts on design and selection. I am looking for information about trusted resellers My budget is $2-2.5K for NVR and Cameras This is my 3rd Security setup. The first two were analog(ugh they sucked installing with the twin-ax with connectors on them) This will be IP and I will run Cat6(unterminated bulk) throughout the home. I have access to the attic above the home and the attic above the garage. I have the tools for installation. I have a 16channel PoE managed Switch that will be in my office to add to the networking. I can place switches in my garage as well. I will have 150Mbps Down and 50Mbps Up internet connection. I am an electrical and computer engineer so I can overcome most problems with install. I plan to have a home automation system but have not picked out what i want yet. Maybe smartthings. It would be nice if there was some kind of integration but not essential. I have looked at Lorex and Hikvision. I have seen people on here talk about Dahua but don't know anything about them. My next door neighbor has a similar set up to the one that I am looking to put together. He is using Hikvision from B&H photo and can access his system from his smartphone. He is a corner lot with a Hikvision NVR and 9 dome cameras. I have a 2 story house aprox 2200sf. The house has a large(wide) driveway Aprox 40ft wide and 10-15 deep. There is a narrow front lawn which is about 20ft deep and 10ft wide. I have 2 neighbors(1 has the Hikvision) on each side. The houses are about 20ft apart. I share the side of my lot on each side with them. I have 2 houses with back yards that come together to meet in the middle of my back fence. The fences are standard height I am also looking for some standard dome cameras from them, 2.8mm or 4mm lenses, white in color, night vision 1.3, 2, 3 MP. I want to get 8 dome or bullet cameras and 1 PTZ. 5 of the cameras will need at least 80degrees and other 3 can be less but no less than 50degree FoV. I want 1 PTZ that can scan the front of my house(I may wait on this because of budget). I am looking for a 16ch NVR(for sure) with 12MP(?) recording(unless I am totally wrong. Is this the Max resolution for 1 camera i.e 1camera@12MP or total for all cameras i.e 8 cameras at 2MP ea would be 16MP. ) with or without HDDs. I see there are lower and pro versions of the Hikvision NVRs. I would like to go with one that would allow me to have 15-20fps per camera as I would like to have a greater number of cameras and will likely have a higher bitstream to the NVR. (the 2MP Hikvision domes have a max bitstream of 8Mbps so if i had 20 of them i could do a 160Mbps incoming stream.) I think the max camera resolution I would get would be 5K. What can you tell me about the difference besides the straight off the bat 80/100/160 vs 320 Mbps incoming stream for the Pro vs Plug and play. I would like to semi future proof this NVR. Relooking during this post I see that I may not be able to afford a Hikvision Pro NVR(do i even need one? maybe not) on my budget but maybe a Dahua Pro NVR. I see these: Hikvision: Plug-in-Play DS-7716NI-I4/16P DS-7616NI-I2/16P DS-7616NI-I2/16P-6TB Pro: DS-9616NI-ST-2TB Onsale right now but looks like it is because it is an outdated system and may not be better than the 7716s. I would have to upgrade the Harddrive Dahua: Pro: DHI-NVR52A16-16P-4KS2 DHI-NVR54A16-16P-4KS2 Lite: DHI-NVR42A16-16P 6TB If I buy a Dahua will the Hikvision work ( I see that the NVRs are ONVIF-Compliant) What are the interfaces like between the Dahua and Hikvision? Will I lose something substantial if I go one over the other? If I buy a NVR without Drives I will be purchasing WD Purple. Likely 6TB drives. probably in a Raid 1 mirror if available in the NVR. It would be really cool If I could mirror the drives outside of the NVR in a different part of the house.I would like to get a lock box for this unit as well if anyone has recommendations I am listening, I will likely change out the lock if it is easily picked or physically weak. The front of the house I want higher res on the 2 that cross my driveway and the one that is at my door. at the top of my gable of my house I want the PTZ that scans the whole block. the back yard I want to have 2 decent res ones that cross each other to cover my windows and slider. I have 1-2 that will be for the side of the house and can be narrow FoV with less distance. Hikvision Cameras DS-2CD2122FWD-IS Most Likely candidate for some if not all. Possibly paired with the H-264+ 7616 NVR to get most bang for buck resolution? DS-2CD2152F-IS by the front door, maybe DS-2CD2112F-IWS Side of the house maybe as the angle and distance is not that great and could save money? Once I have the outside complete(minus the PTZ) I want to add 2 cameras inside to cover the slider and front area of my house(Living room windows and Front door). Can you guys provide me with some reputable companies that offer genuine Hikvision products? I have looked at B&H and have bought from them in store and online before but before I bite the bullet I would like to see what else is out there. Are there places that sell multiple camera in a group to get a discount. Like a set of 8 or a set of 8 with a NVR.