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    51cent, thank you heartily for your reply.
  2. whyvandalise

    Well hello, I didn't see you there.

    Hi, Life is tough and people work hard for what they have. I understand stealing bread when you're hungry. I don't understand vandalism. I'm new to the forum hoping to learn about surveillance cameras and home security with the hope of preventing senseless destruction. Best to all,
  3. whyvandalise

    Roused to Action

    Hello everyone, I'm glad to have found this forum as I would like to become proactive regarding home security. I deal with vandalism. The vandalism occurs at night. The most recent incident involved my vehicle. I park my vehicle around 40 feet from my home. While making a report with my local police the officer remarked that having video evidence of the crimes would be ideal. He was sure to mention that if the faces of the perpetrators could not be easily identified at night, there would be no point to the expense. I would like an outdoor security camera fixed on my vehicle and also my front door, and my rear door. The house is wired for cat5e, and there is an established wireless network. What system or components would be appropriate for this situation? I am new to all this, and hope that you will forgive me if I have posted in the wrong section or am asking the wrong question. Thank you for reading.
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    Hello! I'm new too; good luck on your build.