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  1. kiam

    Train CCTV system design

    hi, what do you mean by train? you mean MOBILE NVR.
  2. are these AP just for video transmitting?
  3. if you are going to use analogue camera its not possible to use wireless connection unless use decoder and convert your signal to IP.
  4. use P2P connection
  5. why are you going to do VPN tunneling? VPN will drop your bandwidth capability and reduce your picture quality. you can set up HTTPS which is secure and keep your bandwidth on same level.
  6. kiam

    POS Integration...

    POS integration could in 2 different way. 1. serial connection 2.TCP/IP Depends on what type of POS and NVR you have you can choose one of above solution for integartion
  7. hi, you can set up motion detection on your NVR and also set up email notification. once you set up them you can easily convert your email to SMS. let me know if you have any questions
  8. kiam


    depends on what type of camera you are going to use and also what type of the lens you have on your camera then you can decide which position is good please visit www.solutionanalyzer.com for further advise
  9. kiam

    Compound CCTV system

    hi, Are they IP cameras or Analogue Cameras?
  10. kiam

    Need Help Please. CCTV Diagram

    hi, you can use Visio for your network design. visit them . they will help you. www.solutionanalyzer.com
  11. kiam

    Remotely access IP camera

    Hi, if your ISP gave you Static IP address you can easily use port forwarding option. if your IP on your modem is Dynamic then you can use Dynamic DNS option which is help you to cope on your issue. find free Dynamic DNS service on internet and register yourself. let me know if you have any questions.
  12. kiam

    IP Camera / CCTV over VSAT

    hi, if you need to access to your camera remotely you have some options as long as you have internet connections: 1.Use static IP address for your camera 2.Use port forwarding option or Dynamic DNS server 3.Use P2P protocol if you have internet Via VSAT or they can provide you internet Via sim card you should not have any issue you can get easily live view from your camera easily. let me know if you have any questions.
  13. kiam

    Design question

    Hi, yes you can use Point to Point or point to multipoint connections in order to connect your cameras to your NVR. make sure your connections are line of sight and check your bandwidth ability on your connections and make its good enough for your cameras resolutions. Let me know if you have any questions.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm from Orange Country California and I'm a professional solution engineer for surveillance system industry with more than 10 years experiences. I can help you for design and implementation process . My knowledges including: 1.networking 2.wirless 3.mobile app 4.Video management software 5.licanse plate camera 6.ONVIF compatibility 7.HD and 4K 8.Video Wall 9.Decoder and Encoder 10.POS Integration let me know if you have any questions.