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    Analog Camera Housing

    The clear bubble appears to have two notches towards the bottom. I had a set of DW domes that looked similar and the domes simply twisted off. Perhaps there's a small screw holding the dome in place to prevent tampering with that might need to be loosened?
  2. Good afternoon! Recently, I had upgraded from a "kit" Lorex system to one of those snazzy Dahua Pentabrid (X21A1E) DVRs, complete with Skyhawk hard drive. Over time, I have replaced some of the Lorex cameras with various other branded cameras (GW, Hikvision, etc.) All has gone well. I recently purchased a Dahua camera with two array LEDs. The issue I've been having is that whenever I go to view playback footage from that specific camera, the image is very dark and cuts in and out to the point where the video is useless. Eventually, the playback video just goes blank. However, when I go to view the live feed, the video is crisp, clear, and excellent as it should be. At first I thought maybe the camera wasn't receiving enough power, but how am I able to view such a great picture on live feed but not able to see anything when I go to playback? Appreciate anyone's insight! Thanks