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  1. So it I guess I have to use a wireless laptop to connect to the IP camera if there is no BNC out to set up the camera? Anyone know anything about stardot technologies?
  2. Also what about Stardot technologies, what's their reputation? Worthwhile?
  3. Thanks for the advice... really appreciated. I think I'll go with the AV3130 but I have a problem. I see there are megapixel cameras out there that will allow me to record via the BNC connection on the back of the camera so that we can still record the analogue signal on an existing DVR which would be beneficial if only for redundancy. I haven't had much experience with IP cameras but I am familiar with analogue systems and network infrastructure. I have a service monitor for the analogue cameras but what do I use for IP? Thanks!
  4. I have a customer that currently has an analogue cam system installed. The problem now is that he desperately needs to zoom after an event is captured while maintaining quality. Of course analogue isn't going to suit. I will be installing a demo within a week or two. I have been reading this forum for a couple of days now but I am still undecided. I was considering the Sanyo VCC-HD4000 or Arecont AV3130. I do need day night capabilities and at night there are lights in the ground facing up that the cameras will see. I need this to work right the first time, I need to select the best camera for the job. So then there is the PC. I was going to use an existing PC at their office (for the demo of 1 cam) but from what I'be been reading on here it's not going to work and I'll need to get a much better PC. Also the network gear, what gear should I be using? All that is there now is 10/100 linksys router and dlink 10/100 switch. The main reason for getting these cameras in is to zoom after an incident without losing much quality from the original image. What should I do? Thanks!
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    Need advice on system

    I have a request for 2 cameras viewable over the www, recording also required. The request is for wireless. Problem is that it is temporary (2 years max) so they aren't willing to part with a lot of $. It's a house with a building 100' away. What equipment would you guys recommend so they can view their property using a camera in the window of the building and a camera in the house.
  6. serial

    Help with some wireless

    Thanks for the info, the weather could range from +30 celcius to -30 celcius... rain, sleet, snow and last but not least salt water (spray possiblity). My problem is I don't know what IP cameras are good... what brand names should I be looking at? The one you listed kinda looks a little rinky dink imo (no offense).
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    Help with some wireless

    Here's the skinny... and I haven't done much wireless, don't trust it. Cx requires a wireless webcam used outdoors. The problem right this second is I'm not sure how far outside the house it will be. Let's assume 100' for the sake of conversation. This camera will be embedded into a website. What should I be looking at? As far as I know this is what I'll need... 1. IP Camera with built wireless network card good for long distances and some nasty weather. 2. Wireless router indoors. 3. Forward port #(x) on router to IP camera. 4. Give IP address to web designer and be done with it. Am I anywheres close? Can anyone give me some equipment suggestions? Price range = unknown Thanks!
  8. I've been looking everywhere for a decent brand of cameras/DVR's/mounts, maybe a complete solution supplier (NO OEM). From what I gather Samsung, Ganz (dunno much about them), Pelco and Bocsh are options. What is everyones take here? I started installing CCTV a while ago and the company I worked for installed mostly OEM crap, I'd like to put an end to it. Thanks!
  9. serial

    DM DS2/DX/16C/25PPS

    Sorry, don't mean to hijack but are most standalone dvrs using fat32 file system or do some use ntfs?
  10. serial

    Help with a DVR

    Thanks for the info Mr. It's a complete pile of crap for a DVR... never seen anything this bad. It is a standalone and I have tried another hard drive, two actually. I guess it could be the ram but I've worked on a lot of PCs in my day and rarely has a stick a ram gone bad without dirty power. The AC adapter is fine... I wondered where the OS is on this thing... since it's embedded one would assume it's on the board but I wonder if it's possible that its on the HD. I dunno... I think the outcome will be a replacement DVR not of the PDVR kinds:)
  11. serial

    Help with a DVR

    There is no beeping now, it won't boot... only as far as the boot screen and no google hasn't helped. That is the first thing one tries isn't it?
  12. serial

    Help with a DVR

    I recently visited a customer that had someone install a PDVR-8300, 8 channel DVR. I did manage to track down a manual... but it doesn't give me much more than beginner info. This looks like a pos but anyways I'm trying to fix it for him. When I was onsite I noticed it was beeping a lot and then after rebooting it would not boot up (sticks on the boot splash screen). It won't go any further. Is it safe to assume that if it won't boot further that it would be a hard drive issue? Is the OS on a chip or on the HD? The customer had no manual and no software. I don't have much info on this but anyways... any help you can provide would help! Thanks
  13. serial

    DVR question

    I'm reasonably new to purchasing and installing DVRs. I've been installing mostly Speco lately, haven't had any problems... I've installed the TL, TN and TS series. From what I'm reading here though... I'm basically installing a budget DVR and that's not really what I'm after although I want to sell a lower end DVR I'd prefer not to make something like Speco my main machine. The plus that I like about the Speco DVR is that you don't require software to load the DVR remotely. Very easy to set up for remote viewing. I'd like to establish a line of DVRs that can be my main DVR. Then I could sell the Speco DVR as the "budget system". Can anyone give me a couple of suggestions for a standalone DVR that would not require software for remote viewing (other than an active x control) and that is a good quality non oem DVR? Other DVR's I've installed are Capture/ATV (nice GUI), Digital Watchdog (OEM) and some PC based garbarge. Great site btw!