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    router without noip.com option - how to setup?

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. It would be nice to ave a computer set, but it's a commercial place and there is no computer there, most probably it will not be. Probablyy I have only 2 options: 1.DVR will send the updates to the main noip server 2.Go to dyndns.org and pay a subscription for a year (the owner of the shop of course). Thanks,
  2. Hi guys, I need a huge help from you. I have a DVR that supports noip.com The router has only dyndns.org option. I manage to open ports, etc, connect to the DVR with noip account. But there is no updates of the IP. Do you think it's possible to use just the DVR to update the IP? I mean use the DVR as the updater of the new ip changes. At the moment I have the DVR on static IP, noip.com address setup there. The main problem it's the router that there is without this noip.com option. Thanks,