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  1. Problem solved! The daughter bought the same style camera with WiFi and her new boyfriend put up a pole made out of 1 3/4" plastic pipe. He mounted the camera to treated wood and attached it to the pole and placed it right next to the neighbor's camera but in my yard. Now she can't see his camera from the window and she has a great view of his rear patio. Haven't heard a peep from him yet. Nothing illegal and nobody got hurt!
  2. Boarding the window was just a bad joke on my part. The guy is a witless wonder and would deny in court that he ever said that he could see in the window. The police in the city consider "quality of life" things a very low priority because of all of the violence these days. Murders, rapes, robberies, hit & runs and burglaries keep them very busy. Not as bad in my section of the city as others but getting there. Of course the shades are closed at night but it's still creepy. I just need to legally disrupt the camera and am trying to glean all of the information that I can. Thanks to all who have responded so far.
  3. 1. I could board up the window too. 2. Thanks for the idea. 3. Reread my post. I spoke to him and expressed my displeasure with the location and was told that he won't peek in the bedroom.
  4. I'll resurrect this thread with another case of a new neighbor. This is their first house and the guy owns his own business. He must bring a lot of cash home at night because he placed 6 of these cameras around his semi-detached home. One camera can see inside one of my bedrooms which has a door leading to the backyard. When I asked him about the cameras he said that when he moved in someone threw an egg on his wife's car and he needed security. He said that although the camera can see in the bedroom he will not peek in. My daughter and my grandson use that bedroom when they visit from out of town and I am located in Philadelphia, PA. Thanks in advance.