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  1. Heads up to those running Geovision Target series cameras in a commercial or business environment. Vulnerability scanning of the cameras using a scanning tool as Qualys or Tenable Nessus reveals that the Target series cameras with firmware versions up to 1.09 are running a vulnerable version of the Acme thttpd server, namely version 2.25b. The recommended fix is to upgrade to Acme thttpd server 2.26 or later, but to date there is no patch (firmware upgrade) available from Geovision to resolve this.
  2. vstrajnic

    GV-VMS audio recording not working

    A Windows 10 upgrade of my former Win 7 system killed audio recording due to incompatibility with the older Motherboard. Are you running GV-VMS on a Win 10 system?
  3. vstrajnic

    Geovision IP camera quality issue

    Hi, so out of curiosity, and laying aside the 16 IP camera subject, you are trying to run a Windows 10 system with a Core 2 and only 3 GB RAM? Windows 10 will make life miserable with only 3 GB RAM. As I understand it, your Motherboard supports 16GB RAM. Suggest an upgrade of RAM to at least 8-12GB, and test from there.