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  1. Dodge

    NV5000 TV

    Thanks for the info, will try it.
  2. Dodge

    NV5000 TV

    i have a nv5000 card what i want to do is add a computer monitor to watch the cameras and use the computer screen for he pc only. Is it possible if so how do i connect it up.
  3. Now i am the proud owner of a Blackberry Playbook. Question is does anybody know of an app so i can view the cameras.
  4. I have just built a system useing intel d2700mud motherboard. Works fine although the picture looks a bit grainy
  5. Dodge


    I have an old version of the nv5000 card,i do not know if that makes any difference on todays nv5000. The problem i have my system keeps crashing with BSOD. Question i have which is the best opperating system. I have windows xp 32bit pro or windows 7 32bit utimate also windows 64bit ultimateto choose from.
  6. Dodge

    Anyone use avermedia cards with AMD cpu's?

    Using PC Chips motherboard with AMD processor and it works just great with no problems
  7. Does any one know the difference between Nv3000 &Nv3000 lite. And has any one tried the lite model?Also the same for NV5000 Lite and Nv3000 lite
  8. Dodge

    Card dead

    My Geovision GV800 card is dead so i took it out of the computer and removed the four chips by the long slot to see if i could flash it . Now i am not sure if i have replaced them the right way round .The 4 chips have a little indent on the edge of the top does any one know which way round they should go? I hope they are all the same as i just put them on the table and more than like got them mixed up .The card did not work anyway just hopeing to kick start it.
  9. Dodge

    Dead Geovision

    tried it in another slot. also changed the video cable.The Geo eye is flashing but no picture.
  10. Dodge

    Dead Geovision

    I need a bit of help please. I have a Geo GV800 16 Card all was ok till i came of my holiday.I have power to the cameras thats ok .Removed the card Reinstalled the Card & software again all i get is Video lost on all frames.I have checked just about everything i can think of.This is where you come in any ideas?
  11. Dodge

    Avermedia NV5ooo distorted picture

    I have had enough of installing and re installing 7.5 .i have gone back to 7.3
  12. Having upgraded from version 7.3 which was running ok .I have up graded to version 7.5 all is well on preview channel but on playback the picture is all distorted. any ideas? what is wrong.
  13. Dodge

    Card set up

    I need help! I have an avermedia 5000 card and i am linked up to tiscali with a siemens se587 router . I am trying to view this card over the internet but the thing i have not got a clue how to set up this router which numbers go where or what to do . Any help would be great.
  14. Dodge

    Avermedia nv5000 Manual

    Downloaded 7.5 version from Avermedia Uk web site
  15. Dodge

    Avermedia nv5000 Manual

    I have down loaded the latest version of software 7.5 as the interface is a lot different from the old one .Iam i need of a 7.5 Manual which i can not find on the web to down load not even from Aver .Help!