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  1. SurGuy


    The 2K @ 30FPS turrets that we sell are definitely our most popular camera. 200ft night vision and they record audio. The 2K image is great too. The Dahua part number is IPC-HDW4431EMN-AS-0280B-S2 and ours is MTT4104.
  2. SurGuy

    Dahua Supplier

    Montavue.com is a US based Dahua OEM
  3. SurGuy


    You will have better luck with an NVR. Higher resolution, frame rate, more features. I would also advise that license plates are all about where you mount the camera, especially at night. If you get cameras with good IR light you should be able to ID at night. 4K cameras will also make a digital zoom much more useful. I don't know a ton about hikvision, but the company I work for is a Dahua OEM and I can tell you they make quality cameras that won't break the bank. I would be happy to recommend a system if you let me know what style of cameras you are looking for (bullet, dome, turret, etc).
  4. There is also usually a hard reset button on the cameras somewhere. You push and hold it in for 30 seconds while the cameras are plugged in, after that the cameras should take the password of the NVR. Only do this if you can't log into them as suggested.
  5. If your DVR can handle IP cams and is Onvif compatible, you may have some options with other cameras that are onvif compatible as well. That said, it is usually better to use products from the same company (or at least the same manufacturer) as they tend to work much better together and should allow for the same functionality.
  6. From their blogs, "Color Night Optics" which is the same thing as "Color Night Vision" from Lorex is essentially the starlight sensor, but they state minimum lux in their products and sensors. The HypeIR is the long range infrared night vision.
  7. They have a blog post about the HypeIR. It is just their long range night vision. You install Dahua branded products?
  8. Tom, I do know what I'm talking about. You just didn't really read it right, that is why I had to be more clear. Lorex has 4MP cameras, just not as good of ones as the Montavue 4MP cameras. Dahua produces FLIR and Lorex. They just pay to have a more custom housing, the Montavue cameras and NVR's are also different than the dahua housings for most components. Look at Lorex's motorized cameras and PTZ's, no customization at all, just screening the Lorex logo on it. I checked Lorex's FLIR Cloud app against the Montavue app, and they are identical with identical features. I also checked Dahua's lite app versus their plus app, and both Montavue and Lorex's apps use the plus. The lite version doesn't have push notifications, e-map, etc and both Lorex's and Montavue's apps have those. Q-See, Amcrest, Lorex, Honeywell, FLIR, Swann, Annke....literally all of them claim to be the developers, when in fact either Hikvision or Dahua is producing the cameras.....so that point doesn't really matter. Obviously, Lorex or the other companies could buy that equipment, however it probably doesn't meet their market price and margin requirement, so they go with the liter model and sell it for the same price that Montavue sells the upgraded models for....
  9. I guess I didn't make that clear. Yes Lorex, does have the 4MP, but they have a lesser model compared to the Montavue 4MP. Lorex is also rebranded Dahua, and they claim they develop those cameras as well. From looking at the firmware and apps on the Montavue system, and comparing it to Dahua, they are identical. What do you mean they would not have cameras made by Dahua?
  10. When comparing the price to Swann, Lorex, Q-See, Amcrest, etc. on the packages and individual components with similar, but lesser specs, Montavue was priced equally, or better...like I said before they have a 10% off coupon just like Lorex and the other guys. Of course you can always find cheaper cameras and packages, but spec for spec Montavue is priced very well, and Lorex, Q-See, and Amcrest don't even have the 4MP cameras Montavue is carrying....they have the old generation. Look at the specs of the Lorex LNB4321B, 20fps and h.264 with the old IR LED's. Montavue's are 30fps and h.265 with the new rectangle LED's. Comparing apples to oranges....
  11. I just ordered a Montavue security system, haven't got it yet, but the specs on the cameras are great! I just checked to see if they have a small system like what you are looking for, and they do have a 4 channel 2 camera system! There are many different systems out there to choose from!
  12. Nope, never heard of them until yesterday... Yeah, I do understand that FLIR/Lorex is made by Dahua after reading through these forums and a lot of their cameras look the same. The camera's on Montavue's site, are newer than what Lorex and Q-See are carrying? The Lorex and Q-See cameras are only at 20fps, h.264, whereas the ones on Montavue's site are 30fps H.265. Trying to navigate Dahua's site and figure out which is the newest model is difficult, but when the specs are better you would presume it is the newer model, correct? I know it is salesman crap, but all of them do it, Lorex, Q-See, Amcrest, Swann, all of them claim they come up with the technology. The price on the packages seems very competitive, their coupon says 10% off all products for launch. I don't know about their pricing on the 1, 2, and 4 packs of cameras, just that the 1 pack was on sale and the 2 and 4 packs are not. Also, I am looking for a whole system, so I would go with a package deal, which is much better than buying individual cameras.
  13. I just called them and chatted with them a bit, they seem very knowledgeable and realize they are a new company. They are willing to work with me on my package at a very good price as well. Their component pricing with buying individual cameras is just that he said, if you are buying a package he said he can give me a much better deal like the packages they have pre-made. I think I'm going to give it a go, why not, I'll have 60 days to return it if I don't like it, and if it is made by Dahua it's gotta be pretty good.
  14. Hi Tom, I am seeing a price of $199, that is only $180 with their 10% off coupon. It looks like the single camera is on sale and the 2 and 4 pack are not, that is why the price is the way it is. BHPhoto: 4MP IP camera with same specs is around $200, 4K camera is $300 Lorex: 4MP IP Camera with lower specs is $170 with 15% off, no audio, only 20fps, and only 100ft Night Vision in complete darkness Lorex: 4K IP Camera at 15fps is $280 with 15% off Montavue's turret camera is 4MP 30fps, H.265, and has 164ft IR Night Vision in complete darkness, and has a built-in audio mic Their bullet MTB4870, is only $180 as well, with the latest specs. I am skeptical of paying almost $300/4K camera when the cameras only have DWDR and 15fps, I think I would rather stay with 2K. With their package pricing their cameras come into be very competitively priced, only around $80 - $100 each is what it seems, and it looks like if I want to customize the package they will do that as well.
  15. They provide a 2 year standard warranty Most of the companies out there from what I have been reading are re-branded Dahua or HikVision, correct? Lorex, Q-See, Swann all use Dahua or HikVision. They cost a little more? From the packages I was looking at compared to Lorex, Q-See, and Swann they are priced more competitively, especially with their 10% coupon, and no sales tax. With their cameras being the latest generation 4MP cameras, I would see them being priced a little more as they are definitely better than the Lorex, Q-See, or Swann cameras. Them being re-branded Dahua gives me more confidence in them because at least that is a quality manufacturer, versus a cheap Zhenzhen factory? The "Color Night Optics" they wrote an article that explained the technology. It is using low-light image sensors, same thing as Lorex's "Color Night Vision". However, I think their cameras have even better low-light sensors than the Lorex ones do because they are the latest generation. They only need .08 lux versus Lorex's .38 lux on their standard 4MP bullet and dome cameras. I am looking at their MTT4870 turret camera, thing looks awesome with a mic, and long rang night vision. I might give them a call