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  1. BWSmith

    Aver NV7000H - Does it need a quadcore CPU?

    Thanks for the reply but I am also hooking up an existing network of 4 regular CCTV's, plus 2-3 IP cameras. I'm still leaning towards the Core2Duo processor line. Thanks.
  2. Home install, 4 CCTV, 2-3 IP cameras. Since this card does it's encoding on the board, does it really benefit much with a quad core. I have spec'd a Q6600, but I'm wondering if I can save some money with a Dual Core? Any thoughts?
  3. Cool. It looked like you could do most everything from the remote console, but I wasn't sure. I intend to take the video out feed and run in into a modulator for my house-wide TV system. I presume that the software controls whether that feed is a single camera or a multiplexed version of all cameras. Thanks.
  4. Home install, DVR server will be in non-accessible area of basement. I will only be able to view over home intranet/internet. Looking at Aver NV7000H. I am presuming this is a fairly common issue since the video headend(CCTV) feeds are not convenient to my office. What are the compromises I am making? Any tips? TIA!