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  1. I have a NVR 7400 with NHD-818cam cameras the other day one was showing video loss then after 5 hours it came back on for a week then went off and not worked since, i have changed cables, ports and tried in another position and tried a reset still no life. Are there any other camera that are compatible with this system. I have a mate who is very good at circuit boards does anybody know what each wire carries i.e power, sound, video etc
  2. thewall58

    Swann NVR fan noisy

    Hi newbie here hope you can help I have a Swann NVR and as you know they can have very noisy fans, i haven't taken the box apart yet but would a Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX 40mm x 10mm Low Noise Fan work/fit in the box from what i have read there are 2 fans one for the country and one for the power supply and it is this one that is noisy it runs 24/7 and when there is no other noise in the room drives you mad. If it fits is it an easy fix or do you have to alter anything. Cheers