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  1. Hi guys I am new here hope to find a help.. I got some weird problem with my Dahua ptz PoE ip camera (DH-SD29204T-GN) it's been running perfectly for about 8 months, suddenly the camera start to reboot it self every minute or maybe a seconds nothing changed on my network or switch i changed the RJ54 cable changed the PoE adapter still reboot all other IP cameras working well , please help i am afraid that might damage the cam so i turn it off till find a solution here are the backup log files and a picture of firmware. when the camera connected to the internet it's keep disconnecting from nvr and i can't access it when the camera connected to a single router with no internet access it works flawlessly very perfect but gets too HOT, i need to solve the problem , and i want to downgrade to version (2.212.0000.0.R.A.484.3N.NR, build : 2015-10-23 ) as my second camera works well. LogBackup2017-5-18.rar