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    Hi everybody!

    Unwillingly, y jumped over the introduction of myself, into the forum and did it in a post. (Happens when you don't read the manual) Ok, I'm from Venezuela, and work in the security systems branch for a small company. I mostly do CCTV, burglar alarms, access control, but also fire alarms and custom physical perimeter security systems. (In the crisis we have, we have to work on anything to survive) I've been browsing this forum several times in the past years in search for solutions, but only today subscribed to the forum, since I didn't find some previous solution to some problems. I know, this is no theme for this forum, but yes, we are currently having very bad times in Venezuela, and a dictatorship in fierce progress, that makes our work pretty hard. So, Saludos and have a nice day.
  2. Marcos Venster

    Trouble with Night Owl DVR

    Good morning everybody. I'm new in this forum, so my greetings to all forum members. Currently I´m posting because I have trouble with a customers "Night Owl" brand DVR. The DVR in question is a model No. K-168500 16 channel analog DVR. I just repaired it because of bad hard disk and broken fan coolers, but before, the DVR had stopped, (Probably because overheating) I've reset it completely, by software an also by removing the battery and the clear switch inside. Then I set all the parameters again, but now the DVR has a varying message in the DDNS setup, EG: error 1, error 15, error 18, etc. and doesn't connect to the Night Owl DDNS Service. Also the view via LAN-IE browser stopped working. I'm fearing that the firmware has gone corrupt and I´m searching for new (Fresh) firmware but the Night Owl Web site, says the model is discontinued and doesn't offer any firmware. This brand has no support in Venezuela, (Customer bought this DVR during a US Travel) so, I Can't have local assistance. (Only a few brands have local service and support) Does somebody know an alternate source for this firmware? Thanks in advance. Marcos Venster Caracas Venezuela.