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  1. Hi, Need help in finding an replacement outdoor CCTV camera, we have an older Q-See bullet analog camera with some LED illuminator built in, we have it on fence there are 2 pillar lights one of them close to the Camera, and it does cause interference with the nighttime mode, I will attach screenshot we have the CCTV camera power supply plugged in about 15 feet from the camera and then we have about RG-59 180 foot run back to the home we looking for something with better resolution especially at night any help would be appreciated
  2. Hi, the toss thanks for replying to my post , yes the new and old cable are in conduit the camera is located inside intercom box we installed brand new camera here link to the camera specs http://www.doorking.com/sites/default/files/downloads/1812-148-K-9-11_CCTV_Kit.pdf why did you use F connectors because we had to make 2 splices in the cable the coax is inside an intercom box, the coax works fine we tested it would have been tough to get that cable out because of the pole the size of the box the other splice was made about 35 feet away from the pole we had to remove old coax from underground conduit that had water in it, we removed all water and ran new coax cable in that conduit we tested the new 40 foot run with the camera inside the intercom box, and it works great we also ran Quad Shield RG-6 Coax Cable Jumper to the intercom box camera and attached it to the splice with the 160 cable run the to the home, and we get video without any problems
  3. also, I should; clarify we not using siamese the camera is powered at the end of the run
  4. Hi, we have 200-foot run that we had to cut out and replace 40 feet of it and replace it with new RG-59 we don't get any video in the home we attach test camera to the end of the 160 run and it works great in the home we also independently tested the 40 foot new cable run with test camera and monitor and it works great we have F connectors for the splice word any Amplifier like this https://www.amazon.com/Channel-Master-Distribution-Amplifier-Antenna/dp/B001FY0B90/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_23_bs_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=CBWV539ZT7REE5NN57JH&th=1 or would we have to get something like this http://www.cctvcamerapros.com/Security-Camera-Video-Amplifier-p/amp-1001.htm
  5. also here is a link to the camera specs http://www.doorking.com/sites/default/files/downloads/1812-148-K-9-11_CCTV_Kit.pdf
  6. Hi, jeromephone were not able to replace all of runs in different conduit it did not have any water in it we also did attach test camera to the end of the 160 run and it works great in the home we also independently tested the 40 foot new cable run with test camera and monitor and it works great is their way to measure signal strength on the cable with the camera or what about amplifier? we are not using cable rated for outdoor with a gel filling the conduit that had water in was not seal properly and have sucked all water out and it is now dry Thanks for all the help
  7. Hi, we have 200 foot RG-59 none siamese about 35 to 40 feet of it went bad due to water infiltration so we cut out the last 40 feet of it and ran new Belden 543945 RG59 20 AWG SOL Shielded CCTV Cable https://www.wireandcableyourway.com/belden-543945-rg59-20-awg-sol-shielded-cctv-cable-75-ohm.html we had to install a total of 4 new Klein Tools VDV812-615 Universal Compression Connector, RG59 with the Mediabridge F81 Splice Connector - 3GHz Female to Female F-Type Coaxial Cable Extension everything is running through PVC and flexible conduit we also did use 3M Clear Wire Pulling Lubricant WLC-QT, 1 when we hook up the DoorKing CCTV camera http://www.doorking.com/sites/default/files/downloads/1812-148-K-9-11_CCTV_Kit.pdf we get no video, so we temporary ran RG-6 jumper cable to old coax that was not damaged and it works fine we get video about 160 feet away inside the home, wanted to ask if it be single loss because going thru 4 F connectors and 2 Splice Connector? or can one of the F Connectors be grounding out? can in anyone recommend what kind of testing we can do to find out where the problem is? Thanks
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    Help in finding cable fault

    Hi, Thanks it was installed by contractor its one long run 75 ohms with one connector on each side how do the return resistance measurement test? each connector 300 feet apart
  9. Hi, we have about 300 foot RG-59 Coax cable to run to the end or are driveway we have CCTV Camara by are gates The RG-59 is running in PVC conduit pipe a few inches underground the cable was installed about 6 years ago we tested the CCTV camera with jumper coax, and it works so we know the problem has to be in the coax or connector is there any test equipment we can buy or rent that will tell us where the cable fault is? Is there was to put toner signal on the-59 and use prob to find the bad section any help wold be appreciated