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    I think there is a step by step manual on how to operate the CCTV Camera.
  2. jimmyscotts

    CCTV Equipment Needed

    What brand of UTP Cable do you prefer?
  3. jimmyscotts

    CCTV CAM to Wireless wifi router

    Thank you very much for the information you have posted.
  4. jimmyscotts

    won't boot

    Try to call there customer service hotline.
  5. jimmyscotts

    Ctronics system.

    What is a Ctronics system?
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    Hello there.
  7. jimmyscotts

    ID card for employees

    It is very secured if every employee has an employee card.
  8. jimmyscotts

    New Guy

    Hello there guys nice meeting you.
  9. jimmyscotts

    new guy here

    Hello there nice to meet you.
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    Hi all

    Hello there!
  11. jimmyscotts

    IP adress changed by something or someone

    Try to check your network settings.
  12. jimmyscotts

    Exporting Files to USB from Hikvision NVR

    What kind of flash drive did you used?