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  1. so I just reset the nvr password through support... now I need the password for the software client. Do I also need to email support for that as well? Thank you
  2. kieranmullen

    Hikvision Networking Issues

    I have 4 HIKVision cameras and 8 port POE DVR up and running with it accessible from the web remotely, app and the software. I would like one camera behind the poe to ftp images out (hopefully overwrite the same image) The network in front of the DVR is 192.168.0.X Cameras behind the DVR 192.168.254.X I would like to access the camera without plugging laptop via Ethernet cable into the back of the dvr so I believe they need to be on the same subnet. When I go to the dvr webpage I can turn off the dhcp, rebooted and saved. Now I want to change the subnet of the DVR to the same subnet of the cameras. with the being the IP of the router. I get Parameter Error ?